Green Bay Packers Roster Building: Super Bowl Edition

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  1. dennis

    You’re right, watch the SB. Eagles and Patriots both lacked much of a pass rush. Both O-lines protected well. Receivers were wide open. So defenses? No punts if I remember! Record yardage by both offenses!!! What’s lacking for the Pack then? I say it’s MM inability to improve coaches and especially improve the offense. Examples: Hundley failure. Seattle failure. Zero points at home, not even a field goal. He can’t figure out the vikes. This year lost twice to vikes and lions, and got real lucky against the bears!! He says he’ll watch the film and make corrections every week. He doesn’t improve the whole or even a part of it. Take the Eagles and Patriots. Could you call their schemes or plays? No. With MM there are predictable run and pass plays, no schemes to best utilize receivers, and easy to defend. It’s true. If you truly watch you may agree. Our problem still looms large, ego driven, and with the ability to not change.

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