If you follow me on Twitter you know I’m a big fan of #88. If you follow Ty on social media you know that he and his wife Remy welcomed their first son Stone earlier this year.

Stone Montgomery, amongst thousands, visited Lambeau Field for the first time this past Saturday for Family Night. How awesome!

I have always thanked Ty for sharing photos of Stone and Family Night was no exception. (a) In addition to the photo of Stone, I was thrilled to see timelines overfilled with children and their fan mentors. Moreover, I’m not sure there’s a better fan mentor than Packer Wendy!

A 3rd generation tailgater, Packer Wendy hosted a family friendly tailgate before Saturday’s Family Night practice. With her husband Cory, they are mentoring the family’s 4th generation of tailgaters, one of which is Hanna.

Hanna loved the fireworks and “just seeing the Packers”. The family also sat next to 13-year-old Amelia Gibbons. Amelia is the young lady who sang our national anthem that night.

Like many of us, Hanna was quick to bond with fellow fans. She made a point to tell all it “was her first time.”

Back in my day, there was no official Family Night. (b)  Or has there always been? My earliest memories of the Packers include being allowed to stay up late, eating Tombstone pizza, and sharing 2-liter bottles of Pepsi.

To this day I still call my fan mentor, my Dad, before every game and pinch myself at Lambeau on game day.

This week I am most looking forward to chatting with my Dad prior to the first preseason game versus the Titans because like you, to me, it’s more than just “a practice” or a “preseason game.”

I would love to hear about your fan mentors/mentees and possibly your first time to Lambeau; please be inspired to share in the comments below.

A 13x World Champion vibe always; I leave you with a quote spoken by a Cowboy’s fan at a fish fry this past Friday in Milwaukee. “Green Bay is winning it all this year.”


(a)  Ty recently tweeted his policy is not to sign autograph requests when he is with his son. Join me in honoring that policy. #familyfirst

(b)  I am dating myself. Family Night is in its 18th The last 12 consecutive years have been sold out!

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