Packers should trade for Khalil Mack if possible

The possibility of adding Khalil Mack is something that usually only fantasy football owners and Madden players pull off. This is the type of move that even die-hard fans do not call their sports talk radio station or the Pack-a-Day podcast and request the team to trade for one of the best defensive players in the league; Khalil Mack. These are dream scenarios that Packer fans can only think about during the off-season but not in August.

Mack is currently in the last year of his rookie deal and has yet to report to camp. His current deal is set to pay him $13.9 million this year and he is seeking a new deal worth $22 million per year. There have been reports that Mack’s representatives and Oakland Raider management have not been discussing a new deal. Khalil Mack currently has no plans to report to camp without a new deal. As this holdout moves forward and the relationship continues to soar, you can bet that Packers GM Gutekunst will check-in on the situation .

Last week during his press conference, GM Brian Gutekunst joked about having discussions with Oakland Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie. He essentially said that he a McKenzie would talk and discuss all sort of things since they are friends. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they worked together for a number of years under Ted Thompson.

Over the weekend, OddsShark listed the Packers with the best chance of landing Khalil Mack by mid-season.

This is music to Packers fans ears who are hoping that new GM Brian Gutekunst will put a deal to gather to land Mack. A type of player who will vastly improve the defense.

Should the Packers trade for Mack and what would it cost?

Yes, they should absolutely explore trading for Mack and try to make it happen. First off Mack is only under contract for this season. Gutekunst would probably want to sign him to a new deal if he is going to part with future assets and a player to land Mack.

To land Mack, Gutekunst would have to start any sort of offer with his two first round picks in 2019. Would he be willing to give up those picks for a proven player like Mack? Someone who can upgrade the defense. If he could sign Mack to a multi-year deal than yes he probably would be willing to include them in any sort of deal. If Mack would only be a “rental” for this year only, than he probably won’t make the deal. It’s that simple. Whether or not Reggie McKenzie or Jon Gruden would actually be willing to trade their star defensive player is another question. Cooler heads usually prevail in these situations and when the thought of actually losing game money comes into play, a deal or some sort of agreement gets done. If it gets closer to the season and no movement has been made, Gutekunst should definitely be in every discussion of available players, like he stated in his opening press conference.

It’s an easy decision for me, as I feel that Gutekunst should go after and try and land Khalil Mack. This doesn’t matter if Mack reports to camp tomorrow and decides to play under his current deal. By adding Mack, the Packers defense would be a top 10 defensive unit and he could be the different in getting to the Super Bowl this year.

Anthony Haag is a writer for He has been a Packers fan since the day he was born and truly bleeds green and gold. He makes annual visits to Lambeau Field and has attended his fair share of games. You can follow Anthony on Twitter at @anthony_haag


2 thoughts on “Packers should trade for Khalil Mack if possible

  1. Gute is not gonna mortgage the Packers future for any player,even one as good as Mack. No way Gute wld trade BOTH 1st round picks…ain’t gonna happen…plus, why isn’t anyone talking about Rodgers contract comin’ up…U think there is an endless supply of money…c’mon.

  2. Let’s start here: The Packer defense could be a Top 10 unit even without him. Personally, I’d be surprised if the infusion of Pettine, King, Jackson, Alexander, Burks and Wilkerson and the departure of Capers and Randall and Burnett don’t put us in the average range at the very least.
    Mack is kind of a rare talent in that you can count the number of active players who have had three double-digit sacks seasons in a row on one hand pretty easily.
    Matthews is in the last year of his deal. Perry has an injury history. Gilbert, Beigl, and Fackrell are all unproven. This definitely makes it a stronger group.
    The “demanding” a new contract and holding out stuff…..that’s a red flag for me. He’s putting his interests above the team…..he has a good team with a legitimate shot this year and this isn’t helping them.
    That said, from a team-on-the-field perspective, he’d help. Quite a bit, for several years. I think he’s worth a late first round pick. I think he’s worth two late first round picks, and probably more.
    So if the brass thinks he’s a fit in the locker room, and we can get a price we can live with, I’d be fine with pulling the trigger on this trade.

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