Packers Therapy — Episode 323 — Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Packers Therapy Podcast

The Packers loss to the Lions has Old Friends Chris and Dave more melancholy than a Simon and Garfunkel classic. Our guys — not Paul and Art, the other two — fill the Sounds of Silence discussing the puzzling performance, specifically the apparent troubles with the offense, particularly the QB, the head coach, and the kicker. This week the Packers are Homeward Bound to face the 49ers.


Posting its first show in 2005, Packers Therapy is the longest-running Packers podcast on the Internet. Hosts Chris and Dave began the show as a way of capturing the spirited chats the two co-workers had about the team around the office. The two have no pretense about being experts: they are just two opinionated shareholders who love the team, follow it closely, but don’t always see the Packers fortunes eye to eye.

The guys encourage comments and questions via their Twitter feed @PackersTherapy or email to and read and respond to as many as they can during each show.

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5 thoughts on “Packers Therapy — Episode 323 — Bridge Over Troubled Waters

  1. To many issues other than Rodgers on this team. Poor drafting again leaving Packers in poor position. Most teams that are solid, pick up veteran players when needed not practice squad type players to fill starting or key back up spots.

    1. And who has been more solid over the last decade than the Packers, other than NE?

        1. You are joking, right? Minnesota? You think we should be more like Minnesota? Seriously?

  2. I fear that Aaron’s knee will not heal properly while he is still playing each week, and this could leave him in this predicament for the balance of the entire season. Either Kizer or Boyle should have played against the Lions, who completely outplayed the Packers in all phases of the game, and then again vs the 49’ers this weekend. This would have given Aaron 3 weeks [including the Bye next week] to heal more and restore his ability to run as normal. I notice that his throwing was off in 1/2 half of Lions game, better in 2nd half. This is because his injury precludes him practicing as much as he would like and playing in pain has hindered his usual stellar performance. Defense under Mike Pettine needs rapid improvement, special teams are non-factor, Bulaga is a detriment to OL play and can no longer block for Aaron responsibly. When Allison and Cobb return and join D. Adams, this trio can light up any defense with scoring plays. I said last year that Mike M. could transpose all of his plays that he calls onto a postage stamp and the actionable result would be little different. Murphy-Gutekunst-McCarthy should discuss whether to allow Aaron to call his own plays. McCarthy said we are going back to basics this season. Little does he realize that other NFL teams and good college teams this year are perfecting “gadget Plays” that succeed and score touchdowns!!!
    This Packers team is mediocre without Aaron performing at his best, although our new 3 running backs show great promise. Hard to imagine the Bears are in 1st place in our Division, but their drafting process was much better than ours this Season.

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