Clock is Ticking on Packers’ McCarthy

It’s come to this. The time for excuses is done. The clock has started on the fate of head coach Mike McCarthy. Let me be clear though that I respect McCarthy, his solid winning percentage with a 63% and a decent 10-8 playoff record. I know a few teams that would love to have a coach who is 124-72-2, look at the state of Ohio for example. When you have a generational talent like quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The amount of Super Bowl rings matter more.

I have heard this that the national media hates the Packers, etc. However this year I have been listening to a lot of football “experts” like Boomer Esiason and Chris Simms. I agree that the Packers have become predictable and opposing defenses on feasting on it. The thrilling win over the 49ers is gone, it’s not an impressive win. Just a win that keeps them above .500

The fanbase is about to see the real Green Bay Packers starting this Sunday in Los Angeles.  I know what you are saying, the Bears are cratering again and the NFC North is wide open for Green Bay to “make a run again.” I admire your optimism but I am a realist. This team is guilty of identity theft…for now.

All the games have had two things always happening. Slow starts on offense and defense. Predictable, stale and a big reason to why general manager Brian Gutekunst signed McCarthy to a one-year extension. There has to be a significant improvement on both sides of the ball and deja vu has shown with the playbook. You can’t continue this running back by committee, while Ty Montgomery is a versatile weapon there are times that you wonder why is he still getting the ball. Why isn’t Jamaal Williams being used for short yardage situations? The biggest question lies with the lack of carries for Aaron Jones. Jones averages 5.9 yards per carry but only one rushing touchdown.

The over-exuberance of passing plays has forced the Packers into putting the team back on the shoulders of Aaron Rodgers. 68 percent (estimated) are passing plays while 32 percent is rushing. Does that look like balance? Maybe in the dream world from the film Inception, where Tom Hardy can think “bigger” and forms a bigger gun to take out a shooter. This is not a dream though, it’s cold reality and lifetime Packers fans are fed up with it.

The defense may have new talented rookies starting but when you have a bad combo of Ted Thompson drafted players and Gutekunst’s, it’s a cocktail that is either too strong or too weak…never right. I loved this year’s draft because of the pro-ready maturity of corners Jaire Alexander, Josh Jackson, and linebacker Oren Burks. Excites me for the future for this defense, you can’t put it all on defensive coordinator Mike Pettine though when your offense can’t stay on the field.

Packers are 3-2-1, they are 2nd in the conference. Two road trips to Los Angeles and Foxboro coming up. If the Packers win both, then we can have a conversation about being a Super Bowl contender. If they split, then playoffs…but if they lose both.

The fanbase will begin the Fire McCarthy petitions (or may already have). Regardless, I have started the clock as I publish this piece.

Let’s go, Coach. Show us something.


Jake Turner is the host of the passionate Turning Points podcast on iTunes and co-host with Mark Eckel on the Pack a Day podcast. Follow him on twitter at @JakeTurnerSport Instagram: jaketurner61.