Packers vs Rams – Game Recap

The Packers rally from 10 point deficit late in the game to take the lead, but end up falling short on a late field goal and fumble by Ty Montgomery. Instead of a monumental upset that would jump start the Packers season, the Rams remain unbeaten. This game came down to two plays that will be discussed all week. Early in the game the Packers were up 10 – 0; they were starting a drive with horrible field position on their own 1 yard line. On their first play of the drive, Rodgers handed off to Jones who ran up the middle and was tackled in the end zone for a safety. Just a horrible play call in that situation by McCarthy. The other play was with 2:05 remaining in the game, the Rams up by 2; kick off and Montgomery takes it out of the end zone and fumbles the football. Everybody knows, in that situation you take the touchback with the best quarterback in the league coming on to the field with 2 minutes remaining to win the game. That play is all on Montgomery for trying to play hero ball. The Packers look inspired coming out of their bye week and had spurts of getting back on the right track. Against a team like the Rams though, this team needs to be able to put the ball in the end zone instead of settling for field goals. The still trail the Vikings by 1 game in the division so the season is far from over.

Here’s the full recap:

1st quarter

The Packers offense started out moving the football. The first two plays of the game were runs to Aaron Jones that went for 13 yards and 7 yards. The Packers had 3rd and 2 on the Rams 37 yard line on the opening drive, but Rodgers was sacked for a 14 yard loss and they were forced to punt. This sack took them out of field goal position. An early miscue by the offense in a game where all points are necessary. This game seemed different though. The defense came to play from the start on this Sunday. Mike Pettine’s defense forced the Rams to punt on the first two possessions. Rodgers was able to move the football again on the second offensive drive. This was a quick drive that was highlighted by a 48 yard pass play to Adams and a 22 yard pass play to Jimmy Graham. The drive was capped off by a by a 1 yard Jamaal Williams touchdown run. Rodgers and company were again able to move the football on their third drive of the game. Highlights of the drive were a St. Brown 23 yard pass play and Aaron Jones 10 yard run play.  Packers 7 – Rams 0

2nd quarter

The second quarter started with the Packers continuing their third offensive drive.The drive ended up stalling at the Rams 26 yard line, forcing them to settle for a Mason Crosby field goal. The Packers defense continued it’s improved play. The Rams offense has been a juggernaut all season so far. It was impressive to watch the Packers defense force the Jared Goff and the Rams to punt 3 more times in the second quarter. Unfortunately, the offense could not help itself and add more points to the scoreboard. On the packers third drive of the second quarter the unthinkable happened. The Rams punted the ball 52 yards and was pinned at the 1 yard by former Green Bay Packer standout Sam Shields. On the first play of the drive, McCarthy call a run up the middle for Aaron Jones. A run right into Rams defensive lineman Suh and Barron. Not the best play call in that situation. The play resulted in a safety getting the Rams on the scoreboard. In games like this, you can’t give the opponent points. This turned out to be an 8 point swing as they Rams scored on their next offensive possession. They tried for a 2 point conversion but the defense stopped them. Packers 10 – Rams 8

3rd quarter

The third quarter featured plenty of scoring. The Packers traded a field goal for the Rams touchdown. Again, you can’t beat a quality team with just field goals. The Packers had 3rd and 2 on the Rams 26 yard line and Rodgers gets sacked for a 9 yard loss. Instead of a pass play, this is the time you run the ball with Aaron Jones to pick-up the 2 yards and keep the chains moving. This forced the Packers to settle for the field goal. With the defense leaking and not stopping the Rams, they allowed the Rams to score 2 touchdowns in the quarter. Rodgers was able to find the end zone in the quarter. The touchdown drive was highlighted by two plays, one being a 41 yard pass play to Adams, and the other was a 33 yard run by Aaron Jones that resulted in the TD. This was the longest run of the season not only by Jones but also by the Packers. As it has been spoken many times this year, Jones is a playmaker and each game shows why he deserves the ball in his hands more. Packers 20 – Rams 23

4th quarter

As the game headed into the fourth quarter, this has all the makings of a thrilling finish. The Rams continued their drive from the third quarter with the Packers defense holding and forcing them to a field goal. With a lot of ball game remaining and trailing by 6, Rodgers got the football and started leading the Packers down the field. A 5 play, 75 yard, 2:49 drive that resulted in a touchdown to tie the ball game. Rodgers found Adams for two pass plays that combined for 35 yards. He ended the drive with a 40 yard touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling to tie the game. The Packers and Rams exchanged punts before things got interesting. The defense needed another stop to give Rodgers an opportunity to win the game. They couldn’t get off the field but held the Rams to field goal, which would leave Rodgers with 2:05 remaining in the game to lead a game winning drive. As the Rams kicked off, there was a sense the this game is going to come down to Rodgers and the offense. All the Packers needed to do was take a touchback if the ball was clicked into the end zone. Ty Montgomery received the ball deep in the end zone and decided to advance the football out of the end zone. By doing so, he didn’t protect the ball with both arms and solely carried it with his left arm, leaving himself vulnerable to losing the football. That is exactly what happened. With that, the hopes of a Packers comeback vanished. Packers 27 – Rams 29

Up Next: Green Bay travels to New England for a Sunday night match up with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick on Sunday, November 4th.

Anthony Haag is a writer for He has been a Packers fan since the day he was born and truly bleeds green and gold. He makes annual visits to Lambeau Field and has attended his fair share of games. You can follow Anthony on Twitter at @anthony_haag


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  1. Jones is not the power back for a run into the strength of the Rams’ D-line. If Williams were in the backfield, knowing he is used for his pass blocking, a run into the line would have more surprise value adding to his better power and probably no safety.

    1. The Packers have repeatedly shown they cannot run the ball for one yard when they really need to, so the call kind of baffled me. And why you’d go with your speed back instead of the big hammer I don’t know.
      I remember Csonka-Kick-Morris. Nobody complained about the backs not getting a rhythm.
      Another thing that I’ll comment on that nobody else seems to: The fake punt. That succeeded because Kenny King did not defend his man. I like King and think he’s a good player, but that fake punt succeeded because of him.

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