Green Bay Extends Home Winning Streak Sunday

Extending the team’s home winning streak to 4 games, the Green Bay Packers got back up to .500 with a 31-12 win over Miami on Sunday.

Here are three big takeaways from the win, which brought us to 4-4-1 on the season.


Jones evolves into – wait for it – lead back material

The offense, which has been waiting for a spark plug the entire season, finally got going on the back of Aaron Jones. Jones finally was incorporated into the game plan as much as he was supposed to be from day one, tallying 172 yards from scrimmage and running for two scores.

This marked the highest total yardage output from Jones in his career, a hopeful sign for his future inclusion into the game plan. Helping take pressure off Aaron Rodgers helps the offensive flow materialize while giving the defense another facet to consider in their approach.

A big factor in Jones huge yardage output was earning 145 yards on only 15 carries, averaging 9.7 yards per carry. Coming into the game, Jones led the NFL in yardage per carry with around six per, something that only increased throughout the contest.


Rodgers attempting less than 30 throws key in the victory

By being able to limit the pressure put on Rodgers in the game plan, it helps with his ever-important health status while bringing in outside help to move the football.

Rodgers had a very efficient game, going 19/28 for 199 yards and 2 touchdowns, with no interceptions. He was able to mix and match his receivers into the passing attack, targeting Davante Adams and Marquez Valdes-Scantling both seven times. Adams hauled in both touchdowns and led the team with 57 yards, while MVS had six catches for 44 yards, showing the combo of great speed, elusiveness and size.

Not many times throughout his career can we say that Rodgers has attempted less than 30 throws. Being able to limit his throws does not necessarily take him out of the game plan, as he is able to control the flow through snap counts, motion calls and play changes at the line.


Defense shows up and hassles Osweiler

Not having to face Ryan Tannehill was important, as Brock Osweiler has been leading the offense for a few weeks. While Osweiler has plenty of NFL experience, he hasn’t had that breakthrough that places him in the holder echelon of backup QB’s.

Going against Mike Pettine’s defensive scheme is difficult regardless, but it seems that Pettine has his schemes figured out and is implementing his personnel in such ways that makes it confusing for opponents.

Players like Raven Greene and Tony Brown both care up huge throughout the game, especially Greene, who helped turn the changing momentum with a converted first down on a fake punt in the fourth quarter. Greene also dropped an easy interception in the red zone late in the first half that contributed to a Dolphins field goal.

Forcing two turnovers, a fumbled snap recovery by Reggie Gilbert and a pick by Bashaud Breeland, were huge in limiting the Dolphins to 327 yards and 131 rushing yards.

This victory was big in the whole grand scheme of things, as it may have led to the firing of Mike McCarthy if they had lost at home to Miami. While this season isn’t completely over, the hill would’ve become basically 100% insurmountable if they would have dropped their fifth contest.

Going into next week, the short week and the game against Seattle will be key to the rest of the season, as a win could catapult GB more soundly into the playoff hunt.

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Mike Johrendt has been an avid fan of the Packers ever since he can remember. He is now a writer at PackersTalk and you can follow him on Twitter at @MJohrendt23



7 thoughts on “Green Bay Extends Home Winning Streak Sunday

  1. Some Notes Of Caution:
    Jones started the game by dropping a wide open, perfect pass. It was his only mistake that I noticed, and he seems to be slipperier in the hole than Williams, and he really helped yesterday. On his 67 yard run, he was running over 21 mph at one point. I hope he continues to play error free, because that would give us a backfield that rarely turns it over.

    Tramon Williams hurt us twice in the first quarter. His embarrassing bad fail at a tackle allowed the runner another 2I or 25 yards. I mean, if your safety can’t make that tackle in that situation…..then you need a better safety. He had one tackle and zero assists and the guy he is replacing was regularly one of our leading tacklers.

    Then, following a nice runback, he coughs up the rock. The average turnover costs you 4 points and 40 yards and this one not only denied our offense a possession at midfield but also resulted in a field goal for Miami.

    The people who say Blake Martinez is ‘just a guy’ and ‘not a difference maker’ are just not seeing how many plays this guy finishes. He’s a finisher.

    I think this defense continues to improve in many small ways. When we have all our guys on the field at once, I think we’re in pretty good shape but thathat doesn’t happen very often. King missed last game, now Brice and Perry are out. Dix traded away. Whitehead cut.

    So our safety position is now in the hands of Tramon, Jones, and Greene. I don’t think anybody predicted that’d be our situation at mid-season, and I don’t think it’s good enough to withstand a real good offense. Fortunately, I’m not seeing a lot of those on our schedule for the next few weeks.

    1. I agree with your comments. Now we face some very good QB’s. Test time for Packers and MM. Failure to win road games will end MM’s stay. Fact.

      1. Actually, I think that we’ve faced Brady and Goff and those are two of the best. For the remainder, we have our divisional guys and Wilson and the Jets (rookie). Those are our remaining road games I think they’re all winnable. I think the Viking game is a must win, and I’ve been saying that since the beginning.
        At home, we face Arizona (rookie starter), and Atlanta (not what they were in the past) and close against the Lions.
        Our last two games of the season are at the Jets and at home against the Lions. The Vikings close out the season on the road in Chicago.
        If we’re foolish enough to run off MM, he’ll be hired real quick, and he’ll be successful in his new sandbox, too.

        1. Nice thoughts, but MM is too slow to change and our offense shows no, no new playbook. As far as someone else picking up MM immediately? Good riddens for me. We need a new set of eyes, playbook, energy, and inspiration.

          1. I don’t understand why McCarthy has to change or bring in a new playbook? Did the old playbook not work? Dennis…..we’re stopping ourselves with our own mistakes. Defenses are NOT stopping us.
            We are 8th in yards/play. That’s not being stopped. We’re 1st in yards/rush. That’s not being stopped. The plays are working fine, but we stop ourselves enough so it isn’t translating into points. That’s execution, not playbook.
            Regarding McCarthy….have you ever heard the expression “cutting your nose off to spite your face”? McCarthy is a good coach, one of the best in Packer history and one of the best in the league. I think the odds favor his replacement not being as good.

            1. Your comments are worthy to consider, but in big games defenses shut our offense down before the play starts. If we has some more creative rubs and picks we would be unstoppable. Our receiver touted are very vanilla for coverage. What helps? Rodgers, if accurate. Rodgers is near or below 60% completion rate, or near the bottom for QB’s this year. True, our stats look good, but in red zone and 3rd downs? Questionable. As far as MM, he is becoming stale in approach and change, and lacks the ability to inspire now. I guess we differ in stats and opinion, which creates good debate.

  2. Winning in ng at home is what you want. But on the road is terrible! No excuses. MM must be gone.

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