When a Win is a Loss

When the Green Bay Packers beat the New York Jets in overtime on Sunday, the Packers got their first road win of the season. In theory, Green Bay fans should be ecstatic, but in the NFL every win and loss have repercussions.

It is great Aaron Rodgers seemed to get his groove back, but we need to remember it was against a pretty miserable Jets defense. The young wide receivers got some valuable experience, but they would have had even more opportunities if DeShone Kizer had played.  

The Packers lost a ton of draft capital by winning on Sunday. I’m going to be demonstrating how much on the Pack-a-Day podcast this Friday (check it out on cheeseheadtv.com or your favorite podcast service), but it doesn’t just affect where they are picking in the first round. There have been a lot of great points made about winning, and the Packers can absolutely get an impact player in the middle of the first round. But the difference between picks 10 and 15 is an extra second day pick which is multiplied because of the difference in every single round.

I don’t think Joe Philbin should have ever had any say in if Rodgers is playing or not. He is the franchise and the risk of him getting hurt in a meaningless game, the Packers would have ruined any momentum they can carry into next season.

I’d also love to see what they have in DeShone Kizer. Is he worth being the backup quarterback going forward? Or do they need to look at a veteran backup with their extra free agent money? And perhaps Kizer plays so well he can be traded to another team for a high pick and Green Bay can still acquire a veteran arm.

The Packers still have to finish the season against the Detroit Lions in another season that will have major repercussions on the offseason. While losing is certainly never fun, and “real fans” will get accosted for seeing the value in a loss, there is a lot of benefit in seeing the Packers young players put on a strong performance but lose out at the end.

Andrew Mertig is a a lifelong Packers fan and draft enthusiast. He has covered the NFL draft for radio and television stations in Green Bay. He is currently a host of the Pack-A-Day podcast and a writer for PackersTalk.com. You can follow him on Twitter @andrewmertig

24 thoughts on “When a Win is a Loss

  1. Packer Greg says : Greenbay may have got a meaningless win against the Jets Sunday but the franchise lost

    1. Win or Lose why not sit Rodgers and play Kizer. Any time you start Rodgers there’s a possibility He could get hurt. He’s nursing a groin injury which could only get worse. We really don’t know what we’ve got in Kizer as a back up without putting him in the game. He’s got an advantage having an old teammate ESB to throw the ball to. Could be fun watching them grow into an NFL and maybe be a good duo on offense.

  2. Always play to win. When McCarthy was fired, if we had lost all the remaining games we’d have drafted around 6-7. If we had won them all, it’d make us about 17-18. It looks like we’ll end up 7-8-1 and drafting around 14, just like last year.

    That pick last year became Alexander and whoever we get with the Saints pick. The #7 pick last year was Josh Allen. I think we came out ahead in that.

    1. His points are all valid. It’s not about what another team picked at 7 it’s what we could have picked at 7. While Jaire has great upside, look at what Derwin James is doing in LA. A few picks makes a world of a difference especially top ten. This team has had an average or subpar draft consistently prior to last year and even so Jaire is the only one that so far looks like a hit. Aaron only proved he looked better against a worse team not a contender.

      1. If our last few drafts have been subpar…..I would like to know what par is. One starter? Three? Five?

        1. We released all but one draft pick from TT’s drafts. They all had zero impact on our team which equals subpar. Par draft is when you have a few picks who actually are of quality and improve your team. Aaron masked our defiencies long enough and Gutenkast was quick to realize that hence the mass trades/release of TT picks.

        2. Ron Wolf liked to say each draft should produce at least three starters.

          1. 2017…King is a starter, Williams and Jones are starters and Josh Jones started this weekend.

            2016….Clark, Fackrell, Martinez and Lowry all start.

            2015….Randall starts, just not for us because he got traded. Ryan started the last two years before he got hurt.

            That looks like pretty close to par, in Ron Wolf’s opinion.

            1. Most of whom you mention are starting because we’ve lost 45% of our starters since week1. Your point is flawed. And two of the guys you mentioned are on IR, AND King hasn’t been able to stay on the field. He was injury riddled in college, he was a risk pick, and its proven to be more risk than reward.

            2. No, these guys are legit NFL starters. Rodgers didn’t start until his 4th year so I guess he didn’t count as a good pick until then?

              Only one player from Thompson’s last three drafts is out of the league.

  3. How would the young receivers have had “even more opportunities” with Deshone Kizer? What if he went three and out the majority of the game? Not sure how that would create more opportunities.
    You’re dead wrong in your assessment. Look at the last 10 years of drafts. The same teams pop up year after year. Losers mentality. I want nothing to do with that.

  4. Anybody notice that you never have any players or others associated with the team talking about the “benefits” of losing?

    Maybe they know something that some fans and writers don’t.

  5. I really don’t think them winning this last weekend matter at all. There’s no doubt no matter what they’ll be drafting anywhere between 11 and 16 this year. Everything good I have had to been perfect for them last week just to even make it into the top eight. Besides, by winning, don’t you attract better talent by having a better shot at the Super Bowl?

  6. I wonder what Vince Lombardi would say about the “Advantages” of Losing?
    “Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”
    I think I’ll go along with the Coach on this one.

  7. While the author makes some valid arguments, I have to side with some of the commentors here. Getting a high pick would be nice, but winners win and losers lose. Look at the teams that usually pick high. It is often the same bad teams. Do the Patriots, Steelers, and some others say let’s lose to get a better draft spot? No. The Packers had high draft picks all through 1970s and 1980s. But they still lost.

    Winning is a cultural thing. So is losing. Ask the Browns, Raiders, Jets, Buffalo, and a few others.

  8. People claiming we should win and forfeit about 7-10 draft spots are clearly pure homer fans with no concept of how the common era works, so stop quoting Lombardi. We missed out on Ray Lewis, by one pick. Shazier by a couple slots, we let Tremaine Edmund’s go last year to trade back…. many years we see a guy go within a few picks ahead of us who could have been stellar for us. The season is lost, there is no moral victory in playing yourself out of draft position. Sometimes the proud team is not the smartest team.

  9. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! THATS THE MESSAGE TO THE TEAM AND THE FANS. Players get it they put it on the line to win, geared to win. Don’t overthink this tanking and this or that. Keep it simple go out there and win!


  11. Not buying “you win you lose”. Just because Rodger’s great game came against the Jets, doesn’t nullify it. Rodger’s problem had very little to do with the competition and much more to do with him just being ” a bit off”. After the first couple of passes, Rodgers returned to his great form. Remember, he missed wide-open receivers vs the Bears, and that had nothing to do with the Bears, it was internal. The way the draft goes today you really have no idea what you are getting with draft picks. It seems now more than ever, higher picks are duds more frequently and lower picks turn out to be surprises. Maybe picking lower will actually keep them from picking a “dud”? Win.

  12. Deshone Kizer should play against the Lions to show the Coaching Staff and players how well he can perform. Risking Arod is senseless in a meaningless game. Besides that, Arod still has issues with his knee and groin and Murphy and Gute should make this decision to start Kizer and inform JoeP of it. Also, rest Adams, Cobb, Williams, Graham, David B. and let some of the younger healthy, uninjured players playout the season for us. Happy New Year to all Packers Fans throughout the Country.

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