Green Bay Packers: Eyes Wide Open

By now you’ve heard of the Netflix movie Birdbox, or at least seen the internet memes maybe?

Starring Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes and John Malkovich the Netflix original has characters in a post-apocalyptic world, trying to avoid a monster by navigating the world blindfolded.

The monster, when you see it, takes the form of your worst fears.

Surviving, the characters build uncommon relationships layered with some trust issues.

And while this blog isn’t meant to be a Netflix movie review, I found myself chuckling at the similarities between my feelings this past weekend and that of the hit movie.

I knew the Packers hadn’t made the playoffs, but as Wild Card weekend kicked off, it was my worst fear as a Green Bay Packer fan, in high definition, instant replay, full color with endless analysis and hype of teams not including the Packers.

100% support for no one team still competing; I’ll cheer against every team still competing.

To survive what’s yet to come on the road to the Super Bowl I’ll keep the same strategy and pledge weak, three hour, alliances with other fans.

When (insert team name here) loses, we all win, right?

Salty, I know, but I’m watching and surviving.

For you see, playoff football is a treasured time for fans which sometimes shakes out stranger than fiction.

Just like that, with one double doink, all order is restored in NFC North universe.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, all eyes on head coach Matt LaFleur.

As my colleagues have reported, LaFleur will be the 15th head coach of the Green Bay Packers in their 100 years of history. Pretty cool.

And while I’d don’t know his movie preferences yet, I trust he studies film other than Netflix originals.


2 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers: Eyes Wide Open

  1. When one roots against all except their team, you’re only a fan of a team and not the’re wearing a blindfold and all the stumbles that befall your team are blindfold righteous.

    I’m noted on another site,CHTV, as a negative fan, I consider myself an non-blindfolded fan because I believe knowing and accepting the negative by ‘ seeing ‘ strengthens by optimism and keeps it in reality levels.

    I persevere by trying to defeat the negative not by denying it but by willingly call it out with ‘ eyes wide open.’ The Packers FO have been wearing a blindfold for years now in FA,draft,scheme and players ability/talent/use/resigning/releasing and look like the part of a team wearing a blindfold and NOT seeing what was actually happening while in denial of need to change.

    To know what can hurt you means you must keep that close and aware and not by blindfolding yourself to not see it and thinking all is fine.

    I still root for the team in the playoffs based on which one tries to defeat their negatives by adapting change,though some change may fail, they keep trying. Something that The Packers fans have been chanting since Gute,but the reality is, nothing has changed in the room except replacing the basement furniture with basement furniture from another basement.

    A new HC is a start but much more needs to change and the hardest may well be the blindfold that is around the eyes of Rodgers as to whether he is on board with LaFleur or he believes it’s his show or no show. It’s easy to dismiss this point and even if one does, the number of other changes that need undertaking may make the Rodgers blindfold as unnoticed as what hasn’t been seen via the ‘ blindfold.’

    If the Bears losing in the playoffs makes you feel the Packers season was a success, you are one misguided blindfold wearing fan.

  2. I agree with your opening statement and your points are well expressed.Our front office and scouting staff need to do a better job.

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