What to make of Cobb and Matthews

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  1. dennis

    Will be interesting. Reduced salary for teaching others? That’s what coaches do,, teach! And as far as leadership? I think not. Taking up two very valuable positions now with very little production. It’s a production, win league. Younger, faster players will be needed I feel. I loved Clay and Cobb in the day, but the day is over. They scoffed at Jordys decline and pay? Please explain that to me Gute? If they let Jordy go, then Clay and Cobb are gone.

    • KanneMe

      Gutekunst did not “let Jordy go.” He showed him the door to demonstrate that there was a new sheriff in town. If he can cut Nelson (arguably the fan favorite and a proven contender), no one (but Rodgers) is safe. Sadly, with the injuries to Allison and Cobb, he also cut the team’s red zone offense.

      It is too bad that Murphy remains. He let Ted waste six of Aaron Rodgers best years with his draft-develop-dump- approach (don’t get me started on FA) and allowed Mike McCarthy to continue as coach when it was plain he needed recharging. His playbook and play-calling were stale, and because of his lack of imagination the Packers were too often caught napping on deceptive plays.

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