Saints’ Crushing Loss Gives Packers Complete Draft Picture

Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman hits Saints' WR TommyLee Lewis in the NFC Championship Game

As the Green Bay Packers sat and watched at home, the New Orleans Saints were dealt a heartbreaking exit from the postseason courtesy of a blown pass interference call against the Los Angeles Rams.

While the defeat kept the Saints out of the Super Bowl, it did give the Packers a marginally better draft slot and provided Green Bay with what is likely its complete arsenal of 2019 draft picks. The Packers acquired New Orleans’ first round pick in a draft day trade last year, and the Saints’ exit in the championship round gives Green Bay the 30th overall pick.

Coupled with trades with the Redskins and Seahawks, the Packers should enter the draft with 10 total selections. Unlike nearly every year under Ted Thompson, Green Bay is unlikely to receive any compensatory picks after adding Jimmy Graham and Tramon Williams while losing only Morgan Burnett in free agency. However, the Packers will still have six of the first 112 picks, barring any additional trades.

Most intriguing for the Packers is the fact that they will start with two first round picks. Assuming Green Bay uses both selections, it will be the first time since 2009 that the Packers pick twice on day one, a benefit they last used to add Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji to the team. Green Bay has quite a few needs to address with their picks, and history shows the Packers could fill them quickly with the 12th and 30th picks.

Green Bay would be wise to address a lackluster pass rush with their earlier pick, targeting a playmaker like Jachai Polite or Josh Allen to fix a defense in need of a threat off the edge. Their later pick could then be used on a tight end or playmaking receiver that can help Matt LaFleur’s offense get more creative.

Historically, the Packers hit gold with the 12th pick back in 1961, using it to select DB Herb Adderley. Adderley amassed 48 interceptions throughout his career, and would be named First-Team All-Pro four times en route to gaining election to the Hall of Fame. From the 30th slot, only Damarious Randall and Ross Verba were drafted and then appeared in games for the Packers, with neither living up to a first-round billing in the NFL.

Over the last five years, the 12th pick has been used to draft the likes of Deshaun Watson and Odell Beckham Jr., two players who have unquestionably helped their franchises. Meanwhile, the 30th pick was used on T.J. Watt just two seasons ago, a player that many Packers’ fans continue to anguish over the team not picking. If Green Bay can find playmakers like those using their two first round picks, the team would be ecstatic come next season.


Sean Blashe is a Packers fan who grew up in Bears territory and is currently a journalism and history major at Marquette University. Sean is a writer with and you can follow him on twitter at @SeanBlashe .



10 thoughts on “Saints’ Crushing Loss Gives Packers Complete Draft Picture

  1. For the love of all that is holy, will these writers stop asking the team to burn high picks on wide receiver–our 2nd deepest position after CB?

    I keep saying the obvious: It took Davante Adams a couple years to click with Aaron and master the pro game. We now have 4 talented young players in MVS, ESB, Kumerow, and Moore (who was lost in Year1) developing at WR, so quit being impatient. MVS and ESB, in particular, are physical freaks who are already progressing well ahead of schedule, SO STOP DEMANDING MORE RECEIVERS.

    This roster is utterly depleted at OLB, RG, TE, Safety, and we also lack a pure nose tackle or any burst behind Jones at running back. So why on earth would we waste high draft picks or free agency dollars on a position group that already boasts more young talent than we’ve seen in ages?

    Stop. Just stop. Please.

    1. I hear you Pandabucks. Once again our first pick should be defense,especially an EDGE rusher.Then let’s go offense big time. There’s three TE’s at least with a first round grade.let’s draft one with the 30th pick. Next I believe we should fix the OL once and for all. The first three picks could be game changers. With 10 picks we should favor the offensive side for a change. We need another running back by the 3rd or 4th round, Panda I love this kid Andy Isabella from UMASS in the 3rd, Check out his stats and speed as a slot receiver. Loved your imput. GO PACK GO. This years draft reminds of 2009 with the possibilities for the PACK.

      1. Already have my eye on Isabella, and I heartily agree. I just don’t want a receiver in our top 2 rounds.

        TE at 30 sounds great, though I’d probably go BPA there between TE, RG, and Safety. But I agree the draft looks stacked at TE late in Round 1.

        If someone else snags Isabella, I’d return to BPA st high need positions in the 3rd. Fact is, Adams can be a dominant slot receiver, while MVS and ESB look scary outside.

        But if Isabella is there after the first 2 rounds, heck yeah, I’m there.

        1. Isabella could be there at 108. I think we may have to move up a little to get him but man he’s worth it. He’s our Tyreek Hill and you know what a game changer he is and Isabella could replace Cobb.

  2. Lets see how bout not drafting another rookie WR and actually sign a vet in FA like golden tate or cole Beasley enough of the rookie wos five rogers another vet.
    As for draft picks i say Pass rusher with first pick and either TE or guard with 2nd 1st rounder.
    I would sign a vet safety in FA as well as a right guard or tackle and add delth in draft.Just my 2 cents

    1. How about Burnett or Thomas? There is a need for a RT or depth here!
      Can draft a TE..Tonyan could be a good TE-lets give him a chance! Question is? Give Graham another shot in 2019? or cut him and add to our cap space?
      1. draft a TE 3rd or 4th round.
      2. sign a veteran FA TE
      3. keep Tonyan

      1. Cut Graham and Lewis, draft TE in first 2 rounds to go with Tonyan.

        If at all possible, I wouldn’t spend too many FA dollars on a rebuilding year. Clear cap space and move it forward for a 2020 return to prominence.

    2. Dave check out Andy Isabella from UMASS. I love this kids talent and speed, He’s the slot receiver we’ve been missing.

  3. One thing this years draft class tells me is we can cut or release both Perry and Graham and draft better replacements. Two tight ends and or two EDGE rushers is fine with me. TEN picks tells me we can draft two players at these five positions.EDGE TIGHT END OFFENSIVE LINE RUNNING BACKS AND SAFETIES. Heavy on the offensive side and fix the offensive line this time.

    1. I’d love to cut Perry, but the dead money hit removes nearly all benefit in doing so. Keep him one more year.

      Unless we find an ideal slot receiver in the draft–like you mentioned with Isabella–I wouldn’t focus there at all. Adams, MVS, ESB, Kumerow, Moore–that’s an awful lot of young talent we’re developing.

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