Potential Free Agent Targets for the Packers: Part 3

Free agency is drawing near, and on March 13th, general manager Brian Gutekunst will be able to use roughly forty million dollars in cap space to possibly re-sign current players and to fill some big holes on the roster. Lets dive in and take a look at some available free agents the Packers could potentially sign. Lets also note that some of the bigger names, could also be franchise tagged or re-signed by their own team.

Anthony Barr, 26, is a four-time Pro Bowler entering the prime of his career. One of the most athletic players at the linebacker position, Barr flashes the ability to cover in space, rush the passer and stop the run. In 71 games played he has 338 combined tackles, 1 interception, 13.5 sacks, and 30 quarterback hits. We all know what happened on the hit Barr put on Aaron Rodgers and I’m sure the Packers will take that in consideration when taking a look at him. If the locker room is ok with bringing him in, the team could really sure up the pass rusher position, something the Vikings didn’t do a very good job at with his talent at the position.

Lamarcus Joyner, 28, a converted cornerback now safety has played very well for the Rams since his position change. An athletic, great coverage and run support safety has the tools and athleticism to be a key piece in the Packers defense. In 67 games played he has 4 interceptions, 25 passes defended, 5 sacks, and 305 combined tackles. The safety position for the Packers is in desperate need for a rehaul, and Joyner would easily upgrade their secondary.

Frank Clark, 25, defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, has emerged as a borderline elite pass rusher. The Packers desperately lack pressure at getting to opposing quarterbacks and adding Clark to an already solid line would put it over the top. In 62 games played he has 35 sacks, 8 forced fumbles, 136 combined tackles, and 72 quarterback hits. Just imagine this guy lined up next to Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark, talk about a force to be reckoned with. The Seahawks would be absolutely insane to let this guy hit free agency, expect the franchise tag to be used on Clark, the Packers can only hope they don’t.

The Packers are a few missing pieces away from going on another super bowl run. With a whole new coaching staff, and a general manager who isn’t afraid of spending some cash in free agency, the Packers could be a dangerous team heading into the 2019 season.

Stay tuned to PackersTalk.com for more potential free agents the Packers could target this year, along with draft prospects they could be looking at as well.


4 thoughts on “Potential Free Agent Targets for the Packers: Part 3

  1. Needs to be seen if Gute will actually bring in any free agent who is not past their prime. Free agents brought in last year were mainly a bust ALA TT

    1. He’s nothing like TT. We can look at the signings now and say most were busts but that doesn’t take away that he is active in free agency and also brought in lots of talent during the season. Let’s see what he does this offseason. Thanks for reading!!

  2. What has he actually done besides over pay for a TE that New Orleans and Seahawks let go? Another TE that is also over the hill. Pass up a starting pass rusher and/or middle linebacker to draft a good but under sized CB who can not cover big receivers and a second round pick who can not break into starting lineup. TT all over again

    1. So, you can’t put the blame on BG for the lack of TE production. That’s MM play calling. Give Jimmy another shot in LaFleurs offense. Mercedes Lewis is a great TE but yet again blame MM. To really critizce BG on getting a 2019 first round pick AND Jaire is crazy!! Jaire is a phenomenal CB and Josh Jackson has the potential to a great CB in this league, and it’s very rare for a rookie CB to have a year like Jaire did. Give it time man. We have holes on the defense, but CB isn’t one of them in the coming season.

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