Greenbay Packers Draft Prospects: EDGE Jachai Polite

In this segment we will look at potential draft prospects the Packers could be selecting on Thursday, April 26th- Saturday, April 27th. Green Bay has some glaring weaknesses especially on defense, specifically coming off the edge and rushing the passer. Follow this weekly segment as we breakdown different players at various position needs for the Green Bay Packers.

This week we will look at edge rusher Jachai Polite out of Florida, standing at 6 ft 2 in, and weighing 240 pounds. Polite projects as a pass rush specialist early in his career. He has experience rushing the passer from both a two-point and a three-point stance. His first step as a stand-up rusher is a tad delayed, Polite gets to full speed quickly and has the ability to stress the edge on a regular basis. While Polite struggles to convert speed to power, he’s shown the ability to consistently execute inside counters which include a devastating spin move. Nick Perry is a power guy, and Packer fans know all to well how that has worked out. Lets look at some pros and cons of Polites play.

  • Freak athlete
  • Excellent burst, especially from a three-point stance
  • Explosive both vertically and laterally
  • Very high motor
  • Varied pass rush moves, spin move is nasty as all hell
  • Outstanding coordination to play on his feet and break down in tight spaces. Rarely caught off-balance
  • Struggles to consistently convert speed to power
  • Light anchor and can be engulfed in the run game once he gets squared
  • Needs to work on using his hands as weapons and stunning opposing lineman

He is still learning how to put together a consistent pass rush and will need to get better versus the run, but it’s all there as a high impact pass rusher in the NFL. The Packers will be looking heavily into Polite and that’s a guarantee, he would make the defense better if he was plugged into the defensive lineup. Some offseason weight training and NFL level coaching will turn him into an ELITE pass rusher. Lets not forget he played at the highest level in college (SEC) and frequently played against the best offensive lineman in the country, its safe to say he’s pro ready even as a junior.


4 thoughts on “Greenbay Packers Draft Prospects: EDGE Jachai Polite

  1. First and foremost the Packers need to keep the 12th pick. The first five players off the board stand the same in any mock draft just to different teams. Six through ten is where a lot of movement will come. Drafting in the 12th position means there could be top ten talent available for the Packers and quite a bit to choose from for pass rushers. The 30th pick scares me with the Raiders picking two more times at 24 and 27 and I’m sure one would be Hochensen if he’s still there. I’ve seen a mock with the Titans picking Hochensen but I believe they need a pass rusher first. Polite and Hochensen would be a nice haul in the first round if it comes true.

    1. Although I tend to agree that they should stay at 12, this draft seems really deep and I can’t help but think how much help an extra 2nd or 3rd would be. We don’t know who will be available when, but as much as I’d like Devin White to fall to 12 or draft Polite at 12, we could certainly pick a great player 3-5 spots later just like last year. Going to be interesting.

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