Packers Potential Trade Back

Brian Gutekunst and the Packers have been no stranger to trading around the draft. Last year, the Packers traded first round picks with the Saints while also acquiring an additional first round pick for 2019, which is pick 30 this year. Green Bay then traded with the Seahawks to move back up in the first round which turned into the Jaire Alexander pick.

With the Packers selecting at 12th overall, there will be many opportunities for a possible trade-back. The Dolphins recently traded Ryan Tannehill and currently only have Jake Rudock and Luke Falk on their roster. Picking one spot behind the Packers, a QB needy team will be looking to jump the Dolphins by trading with the Packers. The only problem is that there are not that many QB needy team behind Green Bay and Miami and there are not many QBs worth a first round pick.

QB Needy Teams:

  • Bengals
  • Broncos
  • Dolphins
  • Giants
  • Raiders
  • Redskins

QBs Potentially* Worth a First Round Pick

  • Kyler Murray, Oklahoma
  • Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State
  • Drew Lock, Missouri
  • Daniel Jones, Duke

Kyler Murray is likely going to the Arizona Cardinals first overall which leaves Haskins, Lock and Jones left for the first round. The Redskins, Giants and Raiders are the only three teams that would likely attempt a trade for 12 overall, so let’s look at Jimmy Johnson’s draft pick valuation chart to see what a potential trade would look like. The 12th overall pick is worth 1,200 points.

From Redskins: 15th overall (1050) & 76th overall (210)

From Giants: 17th overall (950), 95th overall (120), 108th overall (78) & 132nd overall (40)

From Raiders: 27th overall (680) & 35th overall (550)

While the Dolphins may need to select a quarterback, this is probably one of the worst years for Green Bay to be in this situation due to the lack of QB needy teams as well as first round worthy QBs.

*I say potentially because a lot can happen from now until the draft and as fans, we have no idea what other GM’s are thinking about doing during the draft process.


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  1. The only one I would take is the Giants. Raiders at 27th is garbage to me. Redskins would be wise to sit back and wait.

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