2019 Green Bay Packers, Who do they draft now?

Green Bay Packer’s GM Brian Gutekunst shocked Packer Nation and stepped out signing 4, yes 4 Free Agents! They also tendered several of their own. One surprise signing was the return of TE Marcedes Lewis. He was seldom used in 2018 and had done some trash talking about Rodgers in the off-season. This may signal the departure of 31 year old Lance Kendricks.

The Packers signed 2 Edge Rushers, Za’ Darius Smith and Preston Smith, both young, up and coming players. Then Gutekunst addressed the need for a Safety, in immediate starter Adrian Amos and then on the Oline with versatile Billy Turner. The Packers labeled all four as players with their skills on the rise. I believe familiarity with these players was also a key. Gutekunst targeted these four players specifically. They now add depth and quality to a Mike Pettine defense, that was on the rise in 2018.

What looked like one week ago, a Packer’s 2019 Draft that would focus on defense, now appears to be a draft that can focus on quality and depth on either side of the ball. I’m talking about adding a Tight End, Running Back, Olineman, and even a quality Wide Out! This is totally different from what I had written in previous articles. This is why I stated all this projecting is purely for entertainment purposes. If anyone claims to have predicted these moves, I’d have to see it both on video and in writing!

Now for some projections about the 2019 Draft, LOL!! At #12 look for the Packers to a) move down a few spots and receive another pick, or b) choose an Olineman like Jonah Williams, Cody Ford or Dalton Risner. With #30 I believe the Packers get a TE, TJ Hockenson, Noah Fant, or Irv Smith Jr., any one would be a great choice. With pick #44 they could draft a RB, Damien Harris, David Montgomery, Miles Sanders would all fit nicely in the Packers scheme. Pick #76 could yield another Safety at this spot, Johnathan Abram or Line Backers Tre Lamar, or Cameron Smith.

The rest of the Picks 108, 112, 140, 172, 182 and 204 could yield an abundance of depth anywhere on the field. I find it really exciting that the Packers, specifically Gutekunst and Ball have maneuvered the Free Agency so that they can maximize the draft to add talent to the team. Once again Packer fans were ready to crucify Gutekunst on Day One of Free Agency only to eat crow on Day Two!

Let’s enjoy the rest of the Off Season without jumping to conclusions. This can be a frustrating time or we can absolutely love every minute!

As Always, Go Pack Go,


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7 thoughts on “2019 Green Bay Packers, Who do they draft now?

  1. I Still would like to see one of the two stud middle linebackers taken in that 12spot or back a little bit, all great defenses have always had a great middle linebacker and Blake is not great but good. OL is next greatest need, if the draft has proven anything over time running backs can be discovered at any round of the draft.

    1. With Mathews to the Rams I’d love to draft Devin White at 12 and Fant or Hochensen at 30.

  2. We need to still look at the defensive talent available at 12 or a plug and play offensive lineman. We must make sure we have Rodgers back and have him protected. Protect him and he’ll win games for us left and right. Our defense will be better already through free agency and now with another EDGE and safety. Here’s hoping King will stay healthy and show us what he can do for a full year on the field. Yes, we must draft a TE at 30.

  3. Packers # 1 pick…OL
    # 1 pick S
    Round # 2 pick TE
    OLB, LB, RB positions need to be addressed

  4. We did not keep Graham, resign Lewis and Tonyan to go TE in the first two rounds…I see OT, safety, and ILB in the first two rounds (In no particular order), then best depth available regardless of position for depth.

  5. As exciting as the tight end class is this year,when was the last time you heard of teams making it their number one priority, Having two picks in the first round,especially at the bottom of the round with pick 30 is an ideal spot to pick a tight end. Hochensen looks like a sure bet to be the first tight end picked,but I believe Fant and the others will still be available. If we don’t go EDGE first I’d be satisfied with a plug and play OL or the best wide receiver who should be there looking at most mock drafts.

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