Green Bay Packers: 7 Round Mock Draft

By this point, everyone knows who the top draft prospects are. Since the scouting process has began, very few guys have fallen and very few have risen. So no explanation needs to be given for this mock draft. I used the fanspeak website with Matt Miller’s big board.

The start of the draft went pretty well with the first three picks being all positions of needs as well as best player available. The middle and late round were another story. I just missed on guys like Khalen Saunders and Andy Isabella. Looking back at the mock I feel that another pick could have been used on safety and edge, despite signing two free agents at edge. There is a good mix of players in this draft that would instantly bolster the roster and provide some depth.

I still think that Brian Gutekunst and the Packers will be best off by trading the 12th overall pick to a quarterback needy team to add to their draft capital. They could always use those picks to trade back up to get a player they really want. Overall, most big boards have stayed consistent since the combine and don’t look like they are going to change anytime soon.


10 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers: 7 Round Mock Draft

  1. I could live with the draft shaking out like this. My biggest concern is making sure the Packers get a top tight end, preferably Hockensen . The rest of this mock fits need and available talent. In order of need; tight end, edge rusher, safety, offensive lineman.

    1. I really don’t get this obsession with tight-ends, Richard. I agree with the rest of your “needs list” but would prefer a defensive lineman as a hedge against possibly losing Mike Daniels at the end of the season.

      1. A tight end that can 1) block and 2) stretch the field gives the offense something they haven’t had, probably, since Mark Chmura. I don’t have the confidence that Jimmy Graham will ever return to pass catching form he used to have and he has never been much of a blocker. If you are going to run an outside zone scheme, like the Packers will be this season, you need a tight end who can effectively seal or stretch the edge. There are three such players in this year’s draft that will go early and the Packers should target one of them. As for defense, they’ve addressed their two biggest needs in free agency. As far as defensive tackles are concerned they are in a similar category as offensive guards as they are not as important, nor are they paid as well, as offensive tackles and edge rushers so I don’t see as much urgency in hedging bets for the 2020 season by drafting a DT in 2019.

        1. Thank you for explaining this so patiently. I can see the value in a good all round tight end if the offensive scheme is so radically different next season. I just hope AR buys into it.

          Mark Chmura… brings back some happy memories of times past. I thought Finley had potential but never really realised it. Rodgers just hasn’t played with a great TE.

  2. Love it, which means it won’t happen.

    Jakobi was a little high in my opinion, I’m curious what other offensive lineman Edge, or dline would be available there. Penny is a great slot wr late

  3. No need to draft a TE in round 1. Get a Safety, Linebacker, DL, OL, are positions of immediate need.

  4. I hope you are wrong; Burns has flop written all over him. I hope we land Oliver and if not him I would even be happy with a pro bowl Tight Ends who has a good chance to be there in the first.

  5. Devin White at 12 Noah Fant at 30 Dalton Risner at 44 and Nasir Adderley at 75. Adderley will be there being from a small school like University of Delaware.

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