3 Round Packers Mock Draft

The NFL draft is vastly approaching and the Green Bay Packers have some holes to fill. They already added some solid signings in free agency, 2 edge rushers, 1 safety, and an offensive lineman. These moves free up Gutenkunst from drafting for need, instead he will be able to draft best talent available. Let’s dive into this mock draft and see who I have selected. You also can do your own mock draft by visiting thedraftnetwork.com

Ford’s tape is among the best and most fun of the 2019 offensive line class, as he shows everything from high-end promise to unbelievably physical finishes. The muscle of the Oklahoma offensive line, Ford has just one year as a full-time starter under his belt, but already his mental processing and technique are pretty impressive. He’s a mauler at the point of attack, while also possessing the athleticism to get out in space and the agility in pass protection to shut down all types of rushers.

Adderley has high end coverage skills and tackling, making him a desirable candidate to start in a single high role on defense. His projection would pair best in a man scheme, where he is then able to focus on prowling for the football as compared to passing off coverages. Adderley has excellent anticipation and ball skills, can be an impact starter.

Elite combination of moves and ability to work various plans of attack to get home. Maximizes his average physical and athletic tools by having a plan of attack and consistently executing. Terrific job of showing hands and then attacking his opponent’s punch when he overreacts. Gets linemen lunging and deploys the snatch maneuver. Transition from snatch to rip at the top of the arc is so smooth. Had elite numbers at the combine, Chase is by far a better athlete and pass rusher than the media portrays.

Isabella’s speed, separation quickness and slipperiness post-catch will make him a solid top three contributor for a receiving corps at the next level. Ideally he’ll work from the slot with the ability to kick outside situationally, and his vertical ability makes him more dangerous than the traditional inside receiver. I love his game, and if he lands in an offense like LaFleur’s that is aggressive and features other targets that complement his skill set well, Isabella could be a splashy weapon in Green Bay.


6 thoughts on “3 Round Packers Mock Draft

  1. Wrong,wrong,wrong,wrong……..I just don’t see them going OL with the 12th pick,sorry dude

    1. Well first of all, I’ve done a mock draft for 3 weeks in a row with different picks with each. This is the first one I’ve taken an OL with their first pick. Cody Ford is the 2nd best OL in this years draft class, can play guard this year and switch to tackle next year taking over for Bulaga. Protecting Rodgers is huge and we all seen what happened when that doesn’t happen. It’s very stupid for you to say it’s wrong, you have no idea what the Packers are gonna do. I’m doing this for entertainment purposes only and looking at different scenarios and breaking them down. Thanks for reading.

      1. I’ve never guessed right on a single pick and I’ve been doing this for years. We can read all the mocks and try to educate ourselves but we don’t really know. Still, it’s fun to think about if we don’t take our own extremely limited opinions too seriously.

  2. If it works out, I want one of the Devin’s at 12, and Adderley at 30. If we do one the TE’s I’m okay with that too so long as it’s not at 12.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t be upset with that either. I personally think we should get a defensive stud with pick #12. I’ve been doing mocks with different scenarios each week. Im not saying the Packers should do this or that they will. Just breaking down different outcomes each week until the draft. Thanks for reading!

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