Cole Madison and the Impact of His Return

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  1. TheVOR

    With the amount of depth the Packers have at OG, they may be able to wait to draft an offensive lineman until the 4th or 5th round, if not later. – Well, that might actually be true if any of them played well when called upon. None of the depth on this offensive line is legitimate! NONE! The right side of the OL was a complete turnstile and sieve.

    Lets quit fooling ourselves, this team needs to rebuild from the Thompson era, and this OL needs genuine depth. Just look at Justin McCray, ya, he can be plugged in anywhere on the OL, and play equally bad at any position when called upon. HORRIFIC OL Depth!

    We can only hope Cole Madison can actually play, because if he can, he’d be 1 “Less” OL we’d have to draft, in a draft where the team CLEARLY needs to draft OL, and draft genuine talent EARLY! Can we please quit ignoring trouble spots on this roster, and pay attention for once? We NEED OL, We need a blue chip RB, we need a Blue Chip TE, we need more quality DL, we need another dynamic ILB, my gosh… The Thompson misses in the 1st round left this roster in shambles..

    • Rock Hammer

      Packer Greg says It’s not about having 8 guards it’s about having 2 quality starters and 2 solid backups. Quality over quantity

      • TheVOR

        Ya it is…

  2. Jerry Hansen

    At some point an OT or 2 need to be drafted

  3. James C. Drumheller III

    EDGE.OL,TE, and safety in that order.

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