What do the Packers REALLY need?

The Green Bay Packers are in a unique position for this years NFL Draft. The Packers have 2 First Round picks (12 and 30) as well as two more picks in the top 75 (44 and 75). The Packers also have 2 Fourth (114 and 118), 1 Fifth (150), 2 Sixth (185 and 194) and a 7th Round pick (226). It’s quite possible Gutekunst may bundle some of those picks and trade up or down.

Let’s establish what needs the Packers may have, not that the Packers would agree with me. I would predict the Packers needs are DL/LB, S, OL, TE, WR. Of course some would have you think the Packers are in search of a QB, the next Favre or Rodgers. There’s a good chance there may not be another QB quite like what the Packers have enjoyed for the last thirty years. Maybe they don’t even need that kind of talent to succeed. Never forget the Super Bowl winning, mediocre QB Trent Dilfer. If the Packer’s do choose a QB, my favorite is Drew Lock, Missouri.

Players that may be available at pick 12, TE TJ Hockenson, Iowa, DE Ed Oliver, Houston, LB Devin Bush, Michigan, or DE Brian Burns, Florida State. Players who might be available at pick 30, TE Noah Fant, Iowa, S’s Nasir Adderley, Delaware, or Johnathan Abram, Mississippi State. At pick 44 the Packers may be able to choose from OL’s Andre Dillard, Washington State, Greg Little, Ole Miss, or TE Irv Smith Jr, Alabama. The Packers could find themselves looking at TE Jace Sternberger, Texas A&M, WR’s AJ Brown, Ole Miss, or Deebo Samuel, South Carolina, with pick 75. Choose any of these players with the first four picks and the Packers have would find immediate contributors.

In the fourth round the Packers have two picks, numbers 114 and 118. At this point the Packers should be looking to fill out the roster with quality players or BAP on the board. Two come immediately to mind, LB Bobby Okereke, Stanford, and OL Chuma Edoga, USC. With pick 150 the Packers should be looking at RB’s Benny Snell, Kentucky or Darrell Henderson, Memphis. With two picks in round six, 185 and 194, the Packers should go back to defense, possibly Chase Hansen, S/OLB Utah, Justin Clifton, S Arkansas State, or Lukas Denis, S/CB Boston College. The Packers final pick number 226, WR’s Jamarius Way, South Alabama, Lil’Jordan Humphrey, Texas or Preston Williams, Colorado State would be good here.

None of us know what’s going through the minds of Brian Gutekunst, Matt LaFleur or Mark Murphy, nor can we even guess. But try, we do, every writer, every fan, tries to guess correctly which direction the Packers may go in the 2019 draft. Researching is really the fun of it, reading about all these young men with hopes and dreams of playing in the NFL.

I for one can’t wait to see how this draft plays out. 2019 is a big season for the Packers. It could be one of the biggest turn-arounds we have seen. With a healthy Aaron Rodgers and a host of others returning from IR, this team could be very exciting. The addition of quality Free Agents, a top draft class, the Packers should see success once again.

As Always, Go Pack Go


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31 thoughts on “What do the Packers REALLY need?

  1. At pick #12, drop Hockenson, and add Dillard, Jonah Williams, Christian Wilkins, Greedy Williams, Dexter Lawrence, and even Rashan Gary and Clelin Ferrell.

    We just can’t afford to come away from this pick without an elite athlete with highupside. Can’t do it.

    So please, please, please, please, please not Hockenson at 12. NO. Just no. Please.

    1. Please please please explain why not Hockenson???. He checks all your boxes. He is an elite athlete with huge upside at a position off extreme need. If Hockenson is available that’s the guy I would love GB to pick

      1. Elite athlete? Seriously?

        Of the top 10 rated tight ends, his 40 is tied for 2nd slowest. He has average height, average weight, average strength, average wingspan–lots of average there. He was excellent in short area agility drills, but most 1st rounders have a couple areas where they tested really well.

        Elite athlete? In this draft?


        Every guy I listed tests out much higher athletically. Every one–and most are good football players, too.

        Hockenson is an excellent technician who is ready to play now, but his ceiling is one of the lowest in the entire 1st round. I think he’ll be a very good tight end, but we need a monster.

        Elite athlete? Really?


        1. His other variables were much better. TEs don’t necessarily need to be the fastest in a straightline. They just need to be able to muscle their way. Considering how he blocks, I don’t really think you know what his ceiling is. Even if you turn out to be right about it.

          1. Hock”s a fine blocker, but you guys are acting like he’s the greatest blocking TE who ever lived. Get some perspective.

            This is an average athlete. Average. He’s quick in the box with excellent technique, so he gains nice separation against average defenders. But he’s not blazing away from people after that, and he’s not powerful enough to be a punishing blocker, either.

            This is a really good tight end in a 1st round loaded with spectacular athletes who can also play.

            But hey, I have zero respect for Gute, so Hock sounds about right for him.

            1. Sure, Hock is an average athlete if you ignore all of the athletic testing…
              9.21 RAS (out of 10) and a 131.4 (85th percentile) SPARQ score.

            2. Who said I’m saying he’s the greatest? I didn’t. How do you know what he’s going to be or not?! You don’t. What you’re saying is exactly like those who claim he’s going to dominate in the NFL. The draft is an educated gamble, made by people who should, we hope, have much better understanding than we do.

            3. Whatever. We have a moron for a GM, so Hockenson will be our pick at 12. Heck, Moron-Boy may trade up to #1 to take Hockenson.

              So you guys will all get what you want–Hockenson the savior. Hockenson the great. Whatever.

              We were doomed the moment we hired Gute, so I really don’t care what he does now. Might as well overdraft Hockenson. You can all get your way and the team can be finished off.

              Whatever. I’m starting to not care any more.

            4. Dude. Did you forget your medication? Why don’t you come back after you take it? Thanks.

            5. A meds slam? Really? Is this the 90’s.

              JJ, I’ve detailed Gute’s mistakes multiple times, and they’ve been so obvious no one could put up a fight. All the cap space blown. All that beautiful cap space ruined. All the end-loaded deals. Disastrous.

              The only thing he’s done well was last year’s draft, but he’s been so awful I question whether he can do it again.

              But a meds slam? Come on, man. That’s like saying, “Your mother.”

            6. No. Not in your case, it’s not! You really need to get a grip. It is just a game. None of us are on the Packers. We’re just fans. And neither of us have an idea of what exactly any of these young men will be in five years. Most won’t be in still statistically.

              I made these points, and you take it too far. Stop talking to me. Thanks.

            7. You’re the one who came after me, not the other way around. Now you run. Whatever.

              I’ve said nothing about Gute ruining my life. I’m a very happy guy. But I’m unhappy with how he’s run the team. I think wasting $60 million and end-loading several contracts dooms the team down the road. Have I no right to say this without you throwing a fit?

              Dude, I’m not the one who’s forgetting what it means to just be a fan and not let the game become too big. I’m not the one launching unprovoked insults at other posters.

              That would be you.

            8. Seriously, for your own sake, walk away. And go talk to somebody. LOL I don’t care.

            9. You really need the last word, don’t you? Okay, go ahead. Say whatever, and I won’t respond again.

              But remember, you came after me, JJ. I’ve never come after you, and never would.

            10. Sure last word. Now, be right again! LOL Or just stop. Because I have! LOL

          1. According to one publication. Not the ones I use.

            Look, we’re not going to agree here. I see some truly elite athletes ahead of this guy. You see him as the next Tony G.

            It is what it is. I’m already convinced Gute will make the worst possible decision, so Hock is a lock at 12.

            1. Ok…
              Hock’s SPARQ score is in the 85th percentile for TEs (50 is average)

            2. Give it up, KEM. We’re not going to agree, but our GM–whom I despise–will certainly give you your way. You’ll get what you want. I won’t. Celebrate, be happy, do whatever fills your day.

              But in a 1st round so overloaded with talent, I’m not going to be happy when our idiot GM does what I’m sure he’ll do. You’ll be happy. I won’t. Satisfy yourself with that.

      2. 1) Not an elite athlete, as Pandabucks has pointed out.
        2) I agree his upside is there, but we could get a less polished TE with even more upside by drafting Jace Sternberger or Kahale Warring in the 3rd round, both of whom are better athletes.
        3) TE is not a position of extreme need. They only have 2 spots on the roster where they have extreme need for starters… ILB to pair with Martinez and S to pair with Amos. They have proven starters (not great, but not bad) at every other position. Depth along the OL and DL should also be higher priority with the number of free agents theyll have there after this season.

        1. Absolutely no TJ at 12 to ne way to high foir a TE who had average stats at IOWA im all in a bush who next to martinez would absolutely upgrade their front 7 hes a stud hes fast can cover can sack can force turnovers hes exactly what they need.

        2. Wrong. Sternberger is a WAY worse athlete than Hock. Sternberger has a RAS of 5.25 and Hock’s RAS is 9.21.

          1. Ok, so I overstated Jace’s testing numbers. Hock tested better at the combine and had one more catch on the season, but he wasn’t used the same way. Sure, maybe it will translate to an explosive mismatch in the NFL, but on the field, he had almost 2 yards less per catch and 4 less receiving TDs.

            RAS isn’t something I’d hang my hat on either. Going back to 2000, Anthony Becht has the highest RAS by a TE (10). In his 11 year career, he finished with a whopping 188 catches and 8.2 ypc with 21 TDs. Conversely, Jermichael Finley (5.5) played only 6 years, finished with 223 catches, 12.5 ypc, and 20 TDs. He was also a 3rd round pick. Not sure based on their play I’d say Finley was less athletic.

            1. Sternberger’s 106.8 SPARQ score is in the 22nd percentile (32nd in the TE class) where as Hock’s 131.4 is in the 85th percentile (2nd to Fant).

              Hock was used differently because Iowa had him and Fant. Plus its Iowa. Not the most imaginative or explosive offense out there.

              I’m not hanging on RAS or SPARQ alone either. Look at Hock’s production. Look at his drop rate. Hock has as much or more potential than any TE in the class.

            2. I never said Hock wasn’t the best TE in this class. I never said he shouldn’t be a 1st round draft pick, in fact I think he’s probably a top 20 player in this draft. However, I don’t think he’s top 12, nor do I think TE is a need pressing enough to warrant a 1st round pick for the Packers. For those reasons, I think the value at TE will be in the 3rd round.

              I don’t think the metrics that you keep bringing up will translate to their varied success in the NFL. I think if we go TE at #12 and OL/DL in the 3rd and another team does the reverse, the other team will have had a better draft when we look back a few years from now.

              You may be right. The metrics you keep referencing may prove your point, but those metrics have been flawed in the past. I think Hockenson at #12 is a mistake for the Packers.

        3. I could not agree more! You took me words right out of my mouth. I was thinking it at the same time I was reading it! Separated at birth???

      3. In hindsight, would you say Rashan Gary was the right move? Plus Sternberger??? The more I read about this dude, the more I like him. His upside is nuts having only played 1 year of big D1 ball! Put this baby to bed yosef!

  2. They absolutely must fix the pass rush. The free agents should help, but they need a dynamic big-play pass rusher. Or better yet, two. Build depth along defensive line so when injuries occur, they don’t instantly collapse. Rodgers will make the offense work, but he can’t outscore teams if they score every possession.

  3. It would be a disgrace not to pick a future defensive star. Don’t reach.

  4. I agree with the point of the article, but I am 99.99999% sure Andre Dillard will not fall out of the first round, let alone to pick #44. Similarly, there’s is absolutely no way that AJ Brown is available at #75.

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