Packers: 3 trade scenarios on draft weekend

Green Bay Packers

On draft weekend we always have to be prepared for trades, and these are three scenarios in which the Green Bay Packers could make a move.

We are just a day away from the NFL draft and after months of research and speculating we are almost at the point where we will know who the Green Bay Packers select.

However, amongst all of the speculating and mock drafts, what is rarely known heading into draft weekend is when the trades are going to take place, which they inevitably will. Most mock drafts rarely include trade scenarios and once it happens, big boards become a mess and I’m expecting this year to be no different.

The Green Bay Packers are one of the teams that could be a prime candidate for moving up and down the board. They have a plethora of draft picks and I anticipate an aggressive mentality from management. If they do decide to make a move, these are three scenarios that make some sense.

Trading back from 12

Over the years, we have seen former General Manager Ted Thompson trade down in the first round, much to the disappointment of most Packers fans. But at pick 12 moving down is very much on Brian Gutekunst’s radar.

A likely reason to trade down would be due to there being plenty of players available that Green Bay values similarly. If players like Brian Burns or Ed Oliver are available, Green Bay shouldn’t hesitate to make that selection. However, if both are off of the board but Andre Dillard, Jonah Williams, T.J. Hockenson and Devin Bush are available for example, gaining an extra pick while still knowing they will land one of those prospects isn’t a bad deal at all.

Some potential suitors who could be trade partners include the Washington Redskins who may want to jump the Miami Dolphins to grab a quarterback. Or the Carolina Panthers, who could be looking to land an edge rusher or an offensive lineman.

The likely compensation to move back three or four spots could be a third-round pick, which would give Green Bay five picks in the top 100. For a team that has worked hard over the past year to overhaul this roster, adding five potential immediate starters will go a long ways towards making it back to the playoffs.

Trade up from 30 into the mid to low 20s

This scenario and the previous one really could go hand in hand, as Green Bay could use that extra third round pick that they gained to move up into the 20s of round one, but even so, this scenario does make sense on its own.

Depending on how high up they move, a trade package could consist of picks 30, 75 and potentially a late round pick as well.

Whether this is a possibility or not, really depends on what Green Bay does with pick 12, but let’s say they land Brian Burns. None of the Packers’ current tight ends are guaranteed to be under contract in 2020, and two top prospects like Noah Fant and T.J. Hockenson would be worth the trade up, especially in Matt LaFleur’s offense.

While at receiver, Green Bay is one Davante Adams injury from being in a world of hurt, so grabbing a sliding D.K. Metcalf, Hakeem Butler, or N’Keal Harry to step in and make an impact right away, isn’t a bad idea either.

It happens every year where a player or two ends up being selected later on than what most anticipated, and I’m expecting this year to be no different. If Green Bay can trade up to land a player that will help this team return to their winning ways right away, they should strongly consider it. A first-round of Brian Burns and Noah Fant would be a home run.

Trade up from 75 back into round two

Gutekunst took an aggressive approach in free agency, with four uncharacteristically big splash signings. As we look ahead to the draft, I’m expecting that same mentality to carry over.

This roster was decimated and lacking playmakers during the final years of Ted Thompson’s tenure. While significant changes have been made, there is still work to be done.

With ten total picks in this year’s draft, the Packers have the ammunition to move around and early on in the draft is when they should be looking to make their moves.

In order to jump back into round two, Green Bay will have to give up pick 75, one of their fourth rounders, and a fifth or sixth as well. However, I see that move as absolutely worth it.

Once you get to rounds four and up, it really is a crap shoot and most players need to develop before they will make an impact on the field. On the other hand, making the trade and having four picks in the first two rounds will do wonders for this team as it will give this roster another boost with four players that can start from day one.

The window on Aaron Rodgers’ career is closing, so Green Bay needs to add players that can help right away and contribute over the life of their rookie deals, instead of investing in developmental prospects. There are still too many holes on this roster to fill to be passive.

These are just a few of the many trade scenarios that we could see take place, but these three do make a lot of sense. However, like with any trade they are dependent on how everything shakes out with the picks ahead of them. Regardless of how it happens, I am hoping to see an aggressive Packers team that will go and get the players that they want.


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  1. Agree with these scenarios and so glad you didn’t mention trading UP from 12 or back from 30. As far as players dictating scenario, couldnt agree more. If Burns or Oliver are there, pull trigger on one, otherwise do the same trade as last year if at all possible and move back.

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