BREAKING: Packers Select Texas A&M TE Jace Sternberger in Round 3

Now I see why the Packers passed on Noah Fant and Irv Smith Jr. They select versatile tight end Jace Sternberger out of Texas A&M with the 75th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

First off, this is a guy that quarterback Aaron Rodgers will enjoy throwing to and this is also a warning to Jimmy Graham because this kid knows how to be humbled. He started his career with the University of Kansas and then went to play for Northeastern Oklahoma A&M in his redshirt freshman year. It was Texas A&M where he became a consensus All-American that helped with his and the growth of Kellen Mond with 48 catches, 832 yards (17.3 yards per catch) and a spectacular ten touchdowns in his lone year in College Station, Texas.

He has absurdly tall size at 6 -foot-4 and 232 pounds, watching his game film. He has the ability to be a breakout player in the middle of the field, can make plays on the run and add yards after the catch. Sternberger will compete hard for Rodgers’ attention on the go route along with Robert Tonyan and Graham.

I love sleeper picks like this.


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12 thoughts on “BREAKING: Packers Select Texas A&M TE Jace Sternberger in Round 3

  1. Much better day two picks. Thank goodness. Kind of evens out yesterday’s efforts. Shame there’s nothing to look forward to tomorrow.

    1. I think when we drafted Gary at 12 it truly caught Packer fans off guard. Speaking for myself, I know I thought what the Heck are we doing. For now I’ll remain optimistic. I was most disappointed to lose both fourth round picks then anything else. Just one fourth and one sixth would have made me much less upset. With a fourth pick there was plenty of talent still there to get a slot receiver like Renfrow.

      1. The Packers traditionally do well with their fourth round picks. I hated losing those. Just hope that the rookie safety is worth it.

  2. We went from two picks in round four to no picks in round four. Why didn’t we keep a fourth round pick and offer a fourth and a fifth. Like Savage and he’ll be a special team punt and kick off returner I believe,but we didn’t have to move up for him. I sure hope he’s worth it. Alexander and Savage in the defensive backfield could be very exciting to watch.

  3. Saturday. Great day to turn off the boring draft, do something outside, and get the results tomorrow. Gute’s got this; at least he better have or he will be hearing about it. With FA money used and good draft placement there are very few excuses. Go Pack or go ????

  4. I’m thinking the Pack need some more edge rushers in the later rounds, to go along with Gary, the two Smiths, and Fackrell. You can never have enough, and it’s not like the Packers don’t have issues on the O-line and all over on offense.

    Gute: “I have a fever, and the only cure is, MORE EDGE RUSHERS!!!”

    1. I think we’ll be getting pressure up the middle more this year and Pettine will be using safety blitz packages with Savage and off the corner with Alexander. Just like when we had Leroy Butler.

  5. You can describe our defense in one word. SPEED. In fact, maybe our entire team has gotten faster. Now let’s see just how much better we’ll become. Pettine will have fun scheming this cast of talent he’s acquired to work with what’s already in place. I truly believe teams will have trouble trying to throw the ball against us and it will be fun to watch Alexander and Savage go headhunting and ball stripping. Rodgers will have a better offensive line this year and he’ll have young talent to work with that also are FAST. GO PACK GO!!! Let’s get off to an exciting and winning month of September.

  6. The Packers had a chance to draft Keelon Doss a wide receiver who went undrafted. I’d keep a close watch because the Raiders have a lot of receivers and might not keep him. He would be a steal for the Packers.

  7. Keelon Doss went undrafted. The Raiders now have him and might not be able to keep him. If he’s cut the Packers should scoop him up. We could use another receiver with his talent.

  8. I have a good feeling about Jace Sternberger as our future at tight end. I’m hoping Jimmy Graham has at least one more season in Green Bay and plays the way I thought he was going to play.Our offensive line will show much improvement and he’ll catch more passes in the Red Zone.

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