Projecting the Packers Starting Offensive Line

This week we will look at the Packers offensive lineman, and try to guess on who will be the starters come week 1. With a few additions this offseason and the return of Cole Madison, the packers have plenty of options.

Left tackle, David Bakhtiari

This is 100% a lock, when speaking of the best left tackle in the NFL. Protecting Rodger’s blind side is the upmost importance, and D-Bak does a tremendous job at doing just that. Look for another all pro season for David.

Left guard, Elgton Jenkins

A 2nd round pick this year, Jenkins would be considered one of the best, if entering as a guard. His best position is at center but he can easily replace Lane Taylor at left guard. With experience at every position on the line in college, Jenkins could easily replace Linsley at center if he were to go down and backup Taylor would fill in at left guard.

Center, Cory Linsley

Another elite player on the line, Linsley is a great center who had an amazing season last year and will look to continue that this upcoming season.

Right guard, Billy Turner

A free agent pickup this year, Turner will likely start at right guard but has the versatility to play right tackle in a pinch if Bulaga were to go down. Turner is a huge upgrade at the position and will provide a much needed jolt to the o-line.

Right tackle, Bryan Bulaga

Packers fans seem to forget that when healthy, Bulaga is one of the best right tackles in the NFL. Yes, he gets hurt but the guy plays through a lot also. He doesn’t deserve a pay cut, he deserves an extension from the Packers.

The offensive line will definitely be a lot better this year with some much needed depth in waiting, just in case a starter were to go down. The most important thing is to keep #12 upright, and this unit will make sure that happens.


10 thoughts on “Projecting the Packers Starting Offensive Line

  1. Definitely is not spelled defiantly. You’re better than that.

  2. I don’t see the Packers extending Bulaga, especially when he wasn’t interested in redoing his contract last year.

      1. I agree, I don’t think resigning him would be a good move for the Packers. I’m not sure how much dead cap he would be, but if it’s not a lot, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him traded or possibly cut this summer

  3. It would be wise to have another at LT since Bulaga’s knees may not show up with the rest of him.

    1. Agree, we need good depth, getting Madison was a surprise for sure. Really disappointed in Spriggs, really thought he looked promising in is rookie season, only to just disappoint since.

  4. Misspelled definitely twice lol. Aside from that extending Bulaga is ill advised unless it were very team friendly with the intention of grooming his replacement. Injury prone is an understatement. I would take a durable mediocre to above average o lineman over an injury prone star any day of the week. His days are numbered. It’s unrealistic to expect him to become more durable as he gets older. The opposite is far more likely to be true. Previous injuries tend to lead to more injuries.

  5. Jason Spriggs will start at Rt Tackle, Baluga will be released before the season begins. I watched Jason and he did a credible job when filling in. He has quick feet, range and length. I the has worked hard in the weight, He willbe one of the better Rt. Tackles in the league

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