Should Packers fans buy into Kumerow hype?

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  1. Lare

    There’s a lot to be said about a WR that knows his routes, is where he’s supposed to be and has good hands. I’ll take that any day over a younger, faster WR that doesn’t know the routes and has questionable hands.

  2. Pandabucks

    I don’t think he’s a fringe player. Kumerow is bigger and faster than Allison, has a better catch %, and is better on special teams. As for those things Allison does well, Kumerow matches him in every aspect.

    Why isn’t Allison put on the fringe?

  3. James C. Drumheller III

    Rodgers likes Kumerow and I think he’ll be the surprise this year as another deep threat in our offense. The Packers have several options at wide receiver and they’re all tall,fast and with a huge catch radius. Rodgers will have a field day throwing the football. The Denver running back who’s retired and on NFL Network has the Packers going 6 and 10 this year and I want this moron to eat his words. He has us losing all four games to start the season. I can’t wait to write NFL Network when we’re 4 and 0 and have him eat his words.

  4. 3genUte

    Is it fair to say some packer fans just want a cheesehead on the roster, which makes him popular above his football skills? (in this case they may be real, unlike fan fave Janis) Then there is also the disturbing trend in WI for worshipping/electing far right wing politicians, like the POTUS who said that black players who used their right to silent protest are “sons of b’s” who should be grateful to get paid so much $ and should be kicked out of the country (like back to Africa, maybe?). I’ve lived in and/ or had a vacation home in WI (near GB) for 30 years, and the mentality of people in WI is going down the toilet since Walker was Guv- plenty of rural MAGAs just want a “white guy” to cheer for. Nelson, for instance, was a great player but he was never elite among all NFL receivers- Rodgers makes them all look good if they have skills, but when he gets an Adams, you can imagine what GB could be like with TWO elite receivers and an elite tight end. Maybe Kumerow will be a great player, he must have good skill if Rodgers likes him, but part of it for fans is his white cheeshead status, which usually is over-rated, like Abbrederis.

    • Russ Prothero

      I have now idea what in the world color or POTUS , Wis. governor, etc. has to do with a wide receiver making a team. Your political rants and slanted perspective does you nor anyone else any good. I think you should sell your second home and go back to where it is you came from. It’s you bigeted narrow mind tirades that polute the sporting atmosphere.

      • 3genUte

        Hopefully, Trump’s disgusting comments have nothing to do with any team deciding on players. I am talking about packer fans and the fan “base” that always seems to have a white receiver as a “fan favorite’. It should be noted, however, that no one will touch Kap or several other very good players because they protested. I think the Pack is only interested in getting the best players- even so, here is the description given for Kumerow “Rodgers
        commended Kumerow’s intelligence and work ethic’- the article author then inserts – ‘Neither of these
        traits are teachable and showcase the value Kumerow can bring to the
        team’ – THAT is a pretty sickening comment- so none of the other receivers have intelligence?They can’t be taught because? The other receivers have a lesser “work ethic”? why would that be? – any receiver that makes the pros has a strong work ethic! I know from talking to yokels from WI how prevalent the MAGA attitude has become. I also know hundreds of WI residents who are fine people and who are not bigots (otherwise known as being ‘bigeted’). As for my home in WI, I will stay and pay the taxes that MAGA folks love to whine about! I hope the schools return to tops in the country, where they were for decades, unlike during Walker’s little reign, where they fell to the bottom half of the 50 states.

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