The Green Bay Packer’s recently completed their first Pre-Season game plus a couple of weeks into 2019 training camp. A familiar foe has reared it’s ugly head once again, injuries to players, some key players. We’re told all teams suffer injuries, to a point I’m sure that’s true, but the Packers seem to have their share and some other also. Is it training, lack there of, scheduling, personal fitness prior to camp or something else? I know one player waived/injured, Kendall Donnerson trained all off-season on core, instinct and skills, yet still injured his hamstring and couldn’t get on the field. I’m sure others who have been injured trained during the off season as well. So what’s the problem, that continually plagues the Packers?

So far this pre-season oft injured OT Jason Spriggs (Back Injury) was waived/injured, another, CB Kevin King (Hamstring this time) talented but can’t stay on the field, and is continually injured. Then during Thursday’s game, a player pegged to be a starter at MLB, Oren Burks was injured, (some type of chest injury) is out for a yet to be determined time. During the two team practice both TE Jace Sternberger and WR Trevor Davis both suffered injuries which have kept them out. Then a star thus far, FB Danny Vitale sustained a calf injury at practice, fellow FB Malcolm Johnson has already been unable to practice. DL Fadol Brown hasn’t practiced much at all at a crowded DL position and now will possibly struggle to make the cut. I’m thinking I’ve mentioned every injury, some key, some not.

The Packers have been forced to bring in bodies just to have depth at some of these positions. They signed FB Tommy Bohanon, 6’1″ 246 LBs, a sixth year player, who most recently played for Jacksonville and claimed CB Derrick Jones 6′ 2″ 188 LBs off of waivers from the New York Jets. Bohannon was a seventh round pick of the Jets in 2013 where he played three seasons. He then played two seasons for Jacksonville. Jones, was a sixth round pick of the Jets in 2017 and played in four games, registering three solo tackles. Neither of these players are impact players, but were signed to provide depth at positions where injuries have depleted competition. Yet one never knows who may grasp the opportunity provided to them and surprise everyone.

I for one would love someone, anyone to discover the cause for so many soft tissue injuries the Packer’s players have suffered over the last few years. It just seems to be a recurring theme. It also appears to at times, be the same players suffering injures. “Once injured, always injured?” I don’t know if I believe that. What I do know, you can’t make the team if you’re never on the field. There are times when parting ways with previous draft picks are painful, but may be in the best interests of both sides.

On to Baltimore! Stay focused, healthy and improve Packers!

As Always, Go Pack Go!


PackerGreg Veteran/Go Army @DrGTP on Twitter