Considering it’s both Bears vrs. Packers week and will kick off the NFL’s 100th season, smack talk around my office has been relatively tame.

The ratio of Bears to Packers fans at my office is about equal.

Everyone appears to be cautiously optimistic for their team. No bold predictions or digs fired at the water cooler this week, at least within my ear shot.

Prior to quitting time Tuesday, I did wager $20.00 with my boss Mike and shared I was going to write about it.

Packers, straight up.

Twitter this week has been less civil.

For under $20 get yours on Etsy!

Can each fan base agree that neither are ‘bandwagoners’?

Two of the oldest franchises in the NFL, there’ve been 198 games between the two, most in NFL history, of which Green Bay has won 97 games, Chicago 95, and there’ve been 6 ties (a).

Tomorrow will be the 199th meeting.

I’m not making the trip to Soldier Field this year but was in attendance during the approximate 194th meeting December 16, 2016.

The seventh coldest game at Soldier Field it was during the Packer’s epic run the table run.

My husband and I got one ticket for free and decided to scalp the second on the way into the stadium.

The price of the scalped ticket was about $20.00.(b)

You’ll recall after 37 combined points scored in the second half the Packers won on a last second field goal after a bomb from Rodgers to Nelson.

Tomorrow, I’m excited for an unpredictable offense and expect our defense to step up to the turnover ratio.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, where we park and tailgate close to Lambeau Field will not increase to $20.00 per spot this season.

Show me the money, Mike!

With everyone around him charging $20.00, Dan is holding his recommendation at $10.00 so he can “fill up faster and get home” to watch the game.

“Move it to $15.00,” I suggested. “I’ll gladly pay $15.00.”

“Then I’d have to make change,” he replied.

Change is good on game day, except when it comes to parking costs, agreed.

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(b) For the record my husband and I recall it being $20-$25, at most $30.00

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