At a ripe old age of 35, Aaron Rodgers is learning the new offense of 39 year old first year Green Bay Packer Head Coach Matt LaFleur. LaFleur was aware enough to bring in OC Nathaniel Hackett (Son of West Coast Offense designer Paul Hackett) and QB Coach Luke Getsy (well acquainted with Aaron Rodgers) to assist in implementing his offense. Now, one hardly has to teach Aaron Rodgers how to play the position, he’s one of the most talented QB’s to ever play the game. Tom Brady recently said there were throws Aaron makes that no other QB would even attempt. That being said, Aaron has to learn how to take LaFleur’s offense from the chalk board to the field (yes I said chalk board, I’m old school), I know it’s actually an iPad, LOL. After the Bears game Aaron stated the offense took too long in the huddle, and he couldn’t get to all the options the offense allows. He expected to be more efficient and able to speed up the Packers offense for the Vikings game.

HC Matt LaFleur, in order to precipitate this efficiency and increase the pace of the offense, had Rodgers wear a wrist band play card this week. Aaron has not used one of these play calling wrist bands in the past, but the goal is to get the play in faster. Many NFL QB’s utilize these to speed up in the huddle. This practice also helps the coaches get the play call to Aaron faster as well. The goal being to achieve speed, efficiency and hopefully the performance of the offense. The Packers offense was clearly behind Mike Pettine’s defense statistically last week. Aaron and the offense will need much better execution this week to best the Vikings. When Aaron has sufficient time at the line of scrimmage to survey the defense, he can get proper alignment and exploit any defense.

The Packers are stocked with offensive weapons this season. But the most improvement must be the cohesion and accuracy of the WR corps. I saw too many incorrect routes and improper positioning at the line, which Aaron had to take time to correct. We saw a number of snaps with 1 second on the play clock. These types of mistakes and inefficiency slow the pace and allow the defense to make adjustments. In order to beat the Vikings, the Packers offense will need to play fast, run the ball well and use the quick pass to move the chains. The obvious strength of the Vikings defense is it’s speed, much like the Packer’s new defense.

Last season at Lambeau the Packers and the Vikings finished in a controversial tie. This was a game the Packers had won, several times. I’ve read several comments on how good Vikings QB Kirk Cousins played in that game. Actually that’s not true. I was there, most of Cousins yards came in the 4th Quarter and OT session, aided by multiple penalties on the Packer defense. Through 3 quarters the Vikings only had 7 points. I believe Mike Pettine and his 2019 defense will be able to close the game out this time around, if the Packers have the lead. The Smith’s Za’Darius and Preston will have a big say this Sunday. I call them the #SSB, Smith Sack Brother’s.

As Always, Go Pack Go!


PackerGreg Veteran/Go Army @DrGTP on Twitter