The Green Bay Packers will have a short week to prepare for a home game at Lambeau Field against a familiar face from the Pre-Season. Head Coach Jon Gruden will bring his 3-2 Oakland Raiders into face the Packers. This will be another test for the Packers in facing a team coming off their Bye Week. The Lions, who visited Lambeau last night were coming off a Bye. The Lions definitely had some tricks up their sleeve early on. In a sloppy flag riddled game, the Packers prevailed with some nifty fourth quarter magic. There were so many bad calls and non-calls it’s not even worth discussing. In 60+ years of watching NFL football I have seen many poorly officiated games with the Packers coming up on the short end. I don’t bad one bit for the Lions.

One performance that stood out to me was Jamal Williams 100+ yard rushing day. Also it would be ridiculous not to mention Rodgers’ performance. He remained composed so the young players could feel confident to perform at a level he expects. WR Allen Lazard stepped up big time with 4 catches for nearly 70 yards and a TD. The defense bent early but stiffened in the Red Zone and late in the game. Top those performances with sound play from Aaron Rodgers and hero Mason Crosby.

Next up are the Oakland Raiders with QB Derek Carr at the helm. The Raiders will present another challenge for the Packers, both offensively and defensively. A possible trio of RB’s will challenge the Packers defense front to slow the run. QB Derek Carr is very capable of slinging the ball around the field, much like the Lions Stafford. All of these games are just better preparing the Packers for a playoff run. Playing on a short week, it’s great this game is at Lambeau.

Another bonus is the Packer’s record being 5-1!! Who predicted 5-1, not I. I’m more than happy to be wrong with my predictions. I’m still in the running for the 12-4 record. Bring on the Raiders and let’s watch the Packers record climb to 6-1.

As Always, Go Pack Go!


PackerGreg Veteran/Go Army @DrGTP on Twitter