The Green Bay Packers recorded a wholly unimpressive victory over the struggling Washington Redskins on Sunday. However, a win is a win nonetheless. As Herm Edwards once re-soundly told the world “You play to win the game.” Somehow on a victory Monday, many fans are acting as though the Packers lost, and that the season is already over. This is simply not true, and there is everything to play for entering only week 15.

At this point last year, the Packers were 5-7-1 and playing out the string with Joe Philbin driving the clown car. This year? They’re 10-3 and currently hold the #2 seed in the NFC. That’s an unbelievable turnaround, no matter how you slice it.

Rookie Head Coach Matt Lafleur’s debut season has been a resounding success. With the win on Sunday, Lafleur became the first ever Packers coach to win 10 games in this debut season (!). Matt Lafleur has literally had the greatest rookie head coaching season in franchise history, and yet still faces criticism.

Are the Packers the best team in the NFL? Probably not. But that was never going to be a realistic goal in Matt Lafleur’s first season patrolling the sidelines. NFL offense’s are so complex at this point, it’s usually not until the second or third year under a new head coach that team’s start to see success. Personnel differences and the lack of practice time with the new CBA make it tough on a coach to get his team dialed in during his first year.

Green Bay’s play in the NFL’s 100th Anniversary season can only be defined as a fantastic. The Packers will undoubtedly be in the playoffs, and as 2010 displayed, once we’re in the tournament, anything can happen. Quite honestly, the Packers should have been victorious these past two weeks against mediocre opposition, and they got the job done. How they fare against a revived Bears team, and a really good Viking team these next two weeks, will mean so much more.

Is this team as great as the high-octane offensive show that was the 2011 Packers? No, but remember, that team was dismantled by a more well rounded and defensive New York Giants squad. Is this group as talented as the 2016 team that was dismantled by the Atlanta Falcons? Undoubtedly. Don’t forget, that year, the Packers rolled out an undrafted safety to cover Julio Jones, and paid the price. This lineup is far more competitive. With a hard nosed defense, and a fierce pass-rush, the Packers could easily make a playoff run. The ball is in your court, Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers are in safe hands, just R-E-L-A-X.

Nick is a lifelong Packers fan. 4th and 26 was on his 13th birthday, unlucky. Follow him @CANDRAFTGEEK647 on Twitter for all your Packers draft needs and questions.