2019 Packers, NFC North Champs!

All week long we heard about the Minnesota Vikings vaunted defense, their streaking offense, winners of 8 out of 10 games. What I don’t want to hear now is Viking’s missing RB’s Dalvin Cook or Alexander Mattison. I don’t remember anyone, especially the Vikings, apologizing about victories over the Rodger-less Packers. Last night the Packers literally manhandled the Vikings at US Bank Stadium on both sides of the ball. Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer threw everything he had at the Packers offense and defense. The Vikings continually failed to stop the Packers offense and could not repel the Packers defensive front line. The only stops of the Packers offense were the three turn overs by the stars of the team, RB Aaron Jones (fumble), WR Davante Adams (fumble) and QB Aaron Rodgers (Rare INT). The final score, 23-10 could’ve been much worse less the turnovers. The Packers also could’ve tallied more points at the end of the game, but showed mercy to the classless Mike Zimmer (gave Matt LaFleur a cold shoulder congratulations). The end result is still the same, the Packers are your 2019 NFC North Division Champs!!!

Aside from the score, Matt LaFleur’s Packer offense led by HOF QB Aaron Rodgers ran 75 plays, 22 1st Downs, 383 total yards (199 Passing, 184 Rushing) with TOP of 37:32. In Contrast Mike Pettine’s defense strangled the Viking offense to 53 plays, 7 1st Downs, 139 total yards (82 Passing, 57 Rushing) with a TOP of 22:28. Coach Matt LaFleur’s offensive scheme last night, less the turn overs, worked almost to perfection. LaFleur loves balance, well he got that versus the Vikings. There could still be more consistency and less missed opportunities. If this happens this season, look out NFL because this team could be a juggernaut in the Post-Season. Aaron Rodgers missed on a couple throws, and there was also some miss communication on a couple routes with the young WR corps. Veteran WR Davante Adams was an absolute beast and totally out shined the Vikings duo of Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen.

Coach Mike Pettine’s defense was the one with no brake, all gas, for the entire game. No matter what the Viking offense attempted, run, pass, trickery, the Packers were all over it. Pettine’s defense led by Za’Darius Smith tallied 5 Sacks, 7 TFL, 7 QB hurries and 5 Passes Defended. What an accomplishment and a masterful game plan. Vikings QB Kirk Cousins, most of the night, never knew what hit him. He was under duress even on rushing plays. This game was possibly the best defensive effort the Packers have had all year. All I can say is impressive.

Next up is the season finale at Detroit, where the Packers can exorcise a few more demons and secure a win at Ford Field. Not only can they earn a First Round bye and the Second Seed, but depending on the outcome of the Seattle, San Francisco game, the Packers could end up the One Seed with all games going through Lambeau. As Packer fans we should be cheering (gag me) for a Seahawk victory Sunday night. On paper the Packers should dominate the Lions. The team knows what’s at stake and stated as much. I don’t foresee a let down at all. In fact I’m going out on a limb and predict the Packers 35, Lions 10.

I’ll remind readers I predicted in April, the Packers would be 12-4, North Division Champs with a deep playoff run. I’ll gladly be wrong and totally accept 13-3!!!! How fantastic would that be for first year head coach Matt LaFleur!!!

As Always, Go Pack Go!


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  1. Do I ever agree with the points made in this article. Every team we play could care less if Rodgers is out or any of of star players. You play the game with no mercy. Queen players, coaches, and fans are the lowest of lows and make me sick. Same goes for cowpies and seachickens! Worthless to me. Now, full throttle Packers!!!

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