LempsTalkinPack: Packers Earn A Week Off

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Chris Lempesis is back to break down Green Bay’s ugly, wonderful, last second 23-20 road win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday, a win that gives the Packers a bye for the first round of the playoffs. He tells you why Aaron Jones needs even MORE touches now that it’s playoff time. He also breaks down the troubling performance from Aaron Rodgers, shows some genuine love for Mason Crosby and takes a look at where the team stands heading into the postseason.

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3 thoughts on “LempsTalkinPack: Packers Earn A Week Off

  1. 13-3 thanks to much help from refs early in the season. P.S. I’m a packer fan.
    Packers offense works when Rodgers takes what the D gives him. He’s too impatient and wants to score quickly. Hates to throw to any player not named Adams.

    1. Your points are very good. We’ve had our best offensive games when Adams was out by far. Use Adams, but use all receivers in a controlled chain moving offense. Long ball okay now and again, but it is used far too much. Rodgers just can’t stay away from it. Best offense when spreading the ball, using motion, and definitely using Jones a lot. When we start throwing long and down and out patterns it looks like a MM offense. Gee, that middle screen to Jones was effective huh? Middle of the field crossing routes, rubs? Screen passes? Quick back pitches? 8 yard receiver stop, turn, catch ball, YAC? Hurry up tempo offensive? TEs….well write them off. Just some general observation things I noticed that we don’t do much.

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