Sunday night the Green Bay Packers prevailed over the Seattle Seahawks, 28-23 in the same fashion as they have won 14 games this season. The Packers converted clutch plays when necessity demanded. With 2:32 remaining, the Packers successfully converted two third and long plays to seal the victorious outcome. Prior to that play, on a third and long, the Packers defense thwarted Russell Wilson and his offense on their attempt to gain a first down. With no logical explanation on his side, Seahawks Pete Carroll chose to punt the ball on fourth down, turning it over to the Packers, which sealed his team’s fate. How did Carroll ever come to that disastrous decision?

This game was most likely the best offensive coaching performance by Packer’s coach Matt LaFleur. Defensive Coach Mike Pettine had a very difficult time controlling Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Wilson is a phenomenal QB no doubt, but Wilson’s stats were Comp 21/31, 277 Yds., 1 TD, RTG. 106.5, while Rodgers’ stats were Comp 16/27, 243 Yds., 2 TDs, RTG. 113.7. So, the old washed up diva QB is not so bad after all. Rodgers knows how to lead a team in crunch and clutch time situations. His experience is invaluable, his attitude is for winning another championship and ring. That’s all he cares about, and don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you anything different.

The upcoming NFC Championship game versus the San Francisco 49ers will NOT be a repeat of the first contest. Matt LaFleur and Mike Pettine are studying that game minute by minute and analyzing every play on both sides of the ball. San Francisco is not without flaws, their front seven are extremely fast and strong, but the secondary has holes which were exposed versus the Vikings. Forty Niners CB Ahkello Witherspoon had difficulty covering both Diggs and Thielen. The Vikings should’ve gone to TE Kyle Rudolph more frequently as well. Packer’s TE Jimmy Graham should look to exploit the middle of the 49ers defense as well. I believe he and Rodgers will have another good night. LaFleur will need to be creative with WR Devante Adams, as the 49ers will surely assign CB Richard Sherman to cover him. Defensively, Pettine needs to force QB Jimmy Garoppolo to beat them. I don’t think Garoppolo is up to the task of being constantly pressured and delivering under those circumstances.

Ok, here’s my prediction Packers 26, 49ers 24, with Crosby hitting a walk off FG to win the game, sending the Packers to Super Bowl LVI in Miami.

As Always, Go Pack Go!!


PackerGreg Veteran/Go Army @DrGTP on Twitter