Packers Outwit Seahawks To Advance To NFC Title Game

After trying for four years, the Green Bay Packers are once again just a win away from booking a spot in the Super Bowl. With some late-game performances from the likes of Aaron Rodgers, the second-seeded Packers outwitted the fifth seed, the Seahawks at home, ending the match at 28-23. The win gave the Packers their first NFC Championship game since 2016.

On their Championship games, the Packers have punters at us-bookies excited as they prepare to face the top-seed 49-ers. The game takes place on Sunday, January 19th, at Levi’s Stadium, with a slot in the Super Bowl and the NFC championship being at stake.

During the game, the Packers didn’t need the expertise of Aaron Rodgers until late in the game. Matt LaFleur has built his team with a real defense and a running game since they understood that the 36-year-old couldn’t carry them as he has done in the past. However, they were going against long third downs in the fourth quarter and trying to keep quarterback Russel Wilson off the field. As such, they needed Rodgers.

This season, Rodgers seemed vulnerable and sometimes erratic, running a step slow and overthrowing receivers. However, he once again looked young as he navigated the messy pockets while flicking his wrist to get the ball where it was needed. Rodgers connected two times on third down to exhaust their opponent’s stash of timeouts, sending the clock down to zero.

In the last 2 minutes and 41 seconds, the Green Bay offense sidelined the Seahawks and Wilson to secure a win against the fifth seed and a change in the NFC championship against the 49ers. That was one of the wildest divisional rounds in recent memory, with the weekend’s biggest underdogs frustrating the Super bowl favorites, while NFL MVP rose above a 24-point deficit to claim a 20-point win.

Following their loss, the Seahawks ended their second decade without a win at the Lambeau Field since their last win in 1999. On the other hand, the Packers remain optimistic about their game this weekend, though the 49ers crushed them at Levi’s Stadium in a game that ended with a 37-8 scoreline last November.

According to Rodgers, the Packers have closed games in the right way this year, and they have all it takes to secure another win this weekend. Their players were not only motivated by Rodger’s late performance during the game but also what preceded it.

By halftime, the Packers had built a 21-3 lead as Wilson appeared battered by the pass rush. As such, the Seahawks let go of the run, with their quarterback roaring back. During the second half, Wilson led his team to a 69-yard touchdown on the Seahawk’s first possession, but the Packers answered with a 40-yard touchdown by Adams following a pass by Rodgers.

As the game proceeded to its last minutes, Rodgers was becoming the player that Packers are familiar with.

Overall, this game left the Packer’s locker room ecstatic, tired, and anxious for what is yet to come.