Disappointing end to a successful season

The 2019 Packers season has come to an end.

As hard as it was to watch Sunday night and as devastating as it was, the Packers came one win away from the Super Bowl.

No matter what, you can’t take away what this team did this season. They had a first year head coach in Matt Lafleur, not only came in and changed the culture but was able to have a very successful first season. The Packers went 13 – 3 in the regular season, with a first year head coach. That was their best record since the 2011 season and first playoff appearance in 3 seasons. It was also their firs playoff bye week since the 2014 season. They won the NFC North and made it to the NFC Conference Championship. You are what your record is and the Packers were a 13 – 3 football team.

2019 started off with the hiring of head coach Matt Lafleur and him filling out his coaching staff. Then on the first day of free agency, General Manager Brian Gutekunst shocked Packer Nation by signing a free agent in Za’Darius Smith, then in the same day he signed Preston Smith, then Adrian Amos and Billy Turner. Bringing in impactful free agents on the first day of free agency, which is something that Green Bay fans haven’t seen in a really long time.

This team was in a retooling mode, and were not predicted to make to win their division or make it to the conference championship game. This team was depleted of talent and talent was infused through free agency and the draft. It all couldn’t be completed in one off-season, but it was a heck of start.

In his press conference after the game on Sunday, the face of the franchise, quarterback Aaron Rodgers, stated that he believes the teams championship window is wide open thanks to changes the Gutekunst did with the roster. He also mentioned that the team can build off their very successful 2019 season.

With the on-field action now over, the focus turns to the off-season and what the Packers need to do to take that next step. They will draft 30th in each round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Packers brass has a lot of questions to answer this off-season on both sides of the football. The defense was good this season but the conference championship game exposed them. They need more playmakers along the defensive line, stronger inside linebacker play and speed across the entire unit. On offense, they need another weapon outside of Adams and Jones. The offense seemed to stall out at times throughout the course of the season. Another year in the system will help that as well.

This loss will sting for Packers players and fans because again this team go so close. Wisconsin sports fans are craving for a championship. There is work to be done this off-season but the future is looking bright once again for this organization. Go Pack Go!

Anthony Haag is a writer for PackersTalk.com. He has been a Packers fan since the day he was born and truly bleeds green and gold. He makes annual visits to Lambeau Field and has attended his fair share of games. You can follow Anthony on Twitter at @anthony_haag


9 thoughts on “Disappointing end to a successful season

  1. Good post, but let’s not overlook the deficiencies. Gutekunst WAY overrated his Linebacker and WR groups. Cobb would have been a big help in many games and you can’t blame this mess on the loss of Equanimeous St Brown. I’m skeptical about the player personnel evaluations and decisions.

    1. Agree Fred. ILB has been a need for a long time now. It’s just not Blake, the entire front 7 were terrible! Also, I’ve said many times and so agree our player personnel decisions, and especially our SCOUT teams are pathetic in their recommendations for immediate help and need. Latest example: #12 pick Gary. Non starter, no affect. A 12th pick! We keep average talent way to long. After second year if not showing significant improvement then cut their asses. Their has to be some players out there that are hungry and have the drive!

  2. We have no impact ILB. Wanted that upgrade this past draft, which the Pack passed on. 2020 draft is lacking quality ILBs. Good draft year for WR. Do not take another “developmental” player at # 1 or # 2. Take the best player available on the board.

    1. Get a couple of three gamers in FA! Draft players with speed, heart, and attitudes!

  3. Pettine was the problem. His players didn’t stay home, fell for all the misdirection. Pettine never adjusted or sent run blitz. Pathetic DC
    Rodgers looked like he was at a funeral. Needs a new woman, or a retirement party if he wants to be lethargic.

  4. Why is a QB, receiver, or unknown ruuning back always setting records against our defense? Truth!

  5. Defense runs a 3-4. 3 down are Clark, Lowery, Lancaster. 4 LBs are Smith, Smith, Blake, Goodson or another hybrid. Shannahan stated they were going to run at the Smiths by using a lineman and TE to take them out until they stopped us. Well, mission accomplished. As Lombardi said, we will run out until you stop us. Our 3 down lineman were slow, our linebackers never got off blocks and were out of position. Shannahan said we never adjusted our defense, so we didn’t have to even throw the ball. That’s on Pertine. NONE of our front seven on defense did squat!!

  6. Rodgers may want to rededicate his off season to throwing accuracy, eye vision quickness, and basic footwork. His throwing has been mainly off his back leg, and confidence on throws is lacking many times with touch or long throws. So, he will have to put more work in on football, not golf and scotch. Yes he needs better weapons, but he has to improve too. Past doesn’t count now!

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