Don’t cry ugly tears cause it’s over; smile cause it happened.

Halftime Sunday, I changed my entire outfit, took both the Aaron Rodgers cutout and replica Lombardi Trophy out of the living room to mix it up.

I don’t wear much make-up nor did I cry but for some reason the image of a woman, with mascara running down her face, ugly crying is what I think of.

Watching until the very end, it only took me about an hour post-game Sunday to accept the bad ugly. You?

Based on recent conversations and social media posts, I believe most fans have reached the acceptance stage. Even with the loss, it’s always #GoPackGo.

Ten and six, just squeaking in the playoffs, was my best-case season scenario when the season started.

And what a fun season it was! Thank you, Green Bay Packers!

I’m not going to lie; the next two weeks won’t be easy.

I’m genuinely excited for my co-workers in Kansas City but, of course, a little jelly too.

Heavy is the head that again wears the NFC North crown. Still a great season.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, Ryan Rivera arrived at Green Bay’s Austin Straubel International Airport with two friends Sunday night around midnight and waited……. By 3 a.m., according to Jeff Bollier of the Green Bay Press Gazette, more than a dozen others had joined in support of the players after the Packers lost 37-20 to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC championship game. (a)

“This was a whole different experience,” Rivera said of the airport visit. “It was a tough game, a tough loss, but we had to come support our Pack. It’s the least we could do. They gave us a great 14-win season.” (a)

To the fans who waited at the airport and carried the G for the rest of us – I thank you!

(a) (January 20 2020) Bollier, Jeff. Packers fans show up in the middle of the night to welcome team back after loss. Retrieved from:

Full article and video can be found here

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