Why a Randall Cobb Reunion Won’t Happen

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  1. Chris

    Agreed, don’t think he’s coming back and that’s okay.

    • Jerry Hansen

      then who you gonna get? Too many holes to fill them all. We gonna draft all the help we gonna need? Not convinced Gute can draft!

      • Chris

        If ILB, RT and TE (would be nice, not needed) is addressed in FA, then the draft can fill 2 we positions very easily

  2. don trask

    I think Gute learned his lesson in his first year of being a GM that signing older vets (think Graham) doesn’t work nearly as well as signing FA’s in their prime (think the Smith Brothers). Cobb is one year away from being done and Gute’s long term vision is to bring in younger WR’s so we wish Cobb well in his final year and thankfully its not taking away snaps from the new WR’s that Gute will be bringing in.

  3. Cobb fan

    For someone to say that Cobb is one season away from being done is crazy. For one you don’t know him and the kind of person or player he is. I can bet you that Rodgers wish he had him this past season. Because you didn’t have any other receiver besides Adam’s. So, I guess your GM did learn a lesson. Cobb put up better numbers than 5 receivers combined out of the slot that you’ll had.

  4. Jerry Hansen

    Cobb, last year or this year, WOULD BE the #2 receiver on this team…How can Gute not be interested..He is a Rodgers favorite. He has chemistry w Rodgers. I will take that over a lot of rec. we have now. We saw first hand last year how good this core isn’t. No matter who is drafted or bring in, will NOT have that chemistry w Rodgers. BTW the only good receiver we have is someone w chemistry with Rodgers. Also Aaron Jones has been here a while w Rodgers. Grahan has go to go. Bulaga, see you later..Martinez, bye bye, Add some FA at ILB, DL, and WR..

    Draft DL, LB, WR, TE position is ok for now. Let the kids play. With saving in cap space by cutting those 3 along w what we have, should allow us to re-sign our other key FA’s w more flexibility!! Gute you listening! Please!!

  5. Evan Hilek

    You guys are all faggots. Go Texans!

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