The modern era National Football League is by no means your dad’s type of football. “Run the ball and stop the run”, is no longer an ethos football teams must live by. Nevertheless, the Green Bay Packers cannot fail to address their need for a run-stuffing defensive tackle this off-season.

Kenny Clark cannot continue to do it all for the Packers defensive line. Clark, still just 24, is legitimately one of the very best players in the NFL. He has continually progressed with each year of pro experience and is one of the finest defensive lineman in the league. However, Clark played an exhaustible amount of snaps last year. The former UCLA Bruin saw the field on an enormous 869 snaps in the 2019 season. Playing over 80% of defensive snaps, from the nose tackle position, is less than ideal. Green Bay needs to find Clark a running mate.

Adding bulk to the defensive line has to be one of the top off-season priorities at 1265 Lombardi Ave. Dean Lowry struggled in a full-time role last season. He often looked lost and out of place along the Packers defensive front. Opposing teams attacked this deficiency time, and time again. Ultimately, this led to the Packers season ending with an absolute plastering in San Francisco.

In an ideal world, the Packers should look to sign a run-stuffing defensive tackle. Drafting a “two-down player”, with a premium draft pick, is simply unrealistic. Green Bay will look for a player with the strength to hold their own at the point of attack. Someone who can take on double teams, and free up linebackers to make plays. A sound, disciplined player, who knows how to play their role within the Packers scheme. Luckily, the Detroit Lions just released Damon “Snacks” Harrison.

“Snacks” made a name for himself in New York, first with the Jets and later the Giants. Harrison is an absolute beast against the run. The six-foot-three, 350 pounder blows up running schemes on his own. Harrison has brought a halt to an NFL-best 254 running plays since 2013, the most by a wide margin. Additionally, from 2014 to 2018, Harrison led his position in total run stops, and run-stop percentage. He will rarely lose one-on-one situations when the offense makes the mistake of isolating a guard or center, and is the perfect fit for this Green Bay team.

Brian Gutekunst needs to pick up his phone, and quickly. “Snacks” would be a fantastic fit in the middle of the Packers defense. With Harrison and Clark in the middle, Green Bay will no longer be terrorized by opposition running attacks. An immovable force is just what the Green Bay Packers need to acquire for their defense this off-season.

Bring on the snacks.

Nick is a lifelong Packers fan. 4th and 26 was on his 13th birthday, unlucky. Follow him @CANDRAFTGEEK647 on Twitter for all your Packers draft needs and questions.