Here’s a copy of my most recent Mock Draft for the Green Bay Packers, with no trades, Round 1-6:

Round 1 (Pick 30)- Kenneth Murray, LB (Oklahoma)

  • One of my biggest draft crush, Murray would be a home run for the Packers. While the biggest noise this off-season has been around getting more offensive weapons and protection for Aaron Rodgers, the Packers were absolutely run over in the NFC and badly need some help to prevent that from happening again. Murray has sideline to sideline range and would be an absolute upgrade at the position.

Round 2 (Pick 62)- Michael Pittman Jr., WR (University of Southern California)

  • One of the most productive receivers in college ball this past year, Pittman has the big body type and speed that Brian Gutenkust has targeted in the past. While he’s not a surefire NFL star, he will be very competitive in the Packers WR group and a special teams contributor.

Round 3 (Pick 94)- Matt Peart, OT (University of Connecticut)

  • One of the longest tackles in this year’s draft, Peart will be an eventual suitor to replace Rick Wagner on the right-hand side of the line in the years to come.

Round 4 (Pick 136)- Logan Stenberg , G (Kentucky)

  • The starting left guard for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, Stenberg earned All-SEC Honors this past year. He will be a capable back up to start, and if the packers decide to eventually jettison Lane Taylor’s contract the hope will be that Stenberg can pick up the torch.

Round 5 (Pick 175)- Darius Anderson, RB (Texas Christian University)

  • One of the toughest decisions the Packers will have to make in the next year is to either extend Aaron Jones or find his replacement, which is daunting to stay the least. Andreson is a tough guy and well, the Packers have had success with Texas college running backs as of late…

Round 6 (Pick 192)- Tanner Muse, S (Clemson)

  • The common thought is that Tanner Muse will no longer be used at safety as he has been with the Clemson Tigers, but will be moved closer to the line of scrimmage. This would require him to bulk up, but his ability as a smart athlete is not in question.

Round 6 (Pick 208)- Markus Bailey, LB (Purdue)

  • The Packers have shown time and time again that they are willing to attack a position with multiple attempts, and this year ILB will be the target. Bailey has had injuries that have dropped his draft stock, but if he is healthy he will be a strong competitor for the position.

Round 6 Pick 209)- Trajan Bandy, CB (Miami)

  • Bandy will be a borderline player to make the roster, but cornerback is sneakily one of the Packers biggest positions of need will be cornerback.


Joe Kelley is a lifelong Packer fan born in Wisconsin and currently living surrounded by Patriots fans in New England- please send messages of support to @Jkelleylol on Twitter or @j.k.lolz on Instagram.