Funchess a quality addition for Packers

Devin Funchess

Last week, it was reported that the Green Bay Packers had come to terms with wide receiver Devin Funchess. The former big wide receiver who played for the Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts is looking to resurrect his game in Green Bay.

Funchess signed a contract with Green bay worth $2.5 million, but could potentially earn $3.75 million in incentives. The breakdown of his contract is as follows:

  • $1.2 million Base Salary
  • $1 million Signing Bonus
  • $50,000 Workout Bonus
  • $250,000 total for pre-game active roster bonuses
  • $3.75 million in incentives

Without Funchess on the roster, the number 2 wide receiver is Allen Lazard. Funchess should fit in nicely right behind WR1 Davante Adams. He also a definite upgrade over the recently departed Geronimo Allison.

Funchess played in one game in 2019 for the Colts, as the remainder of his season was lost due to a broken collerborne. In 2018, his final season with the Carolina Panthers, he recorded 44 receptions for 549 yards and 4 touchdowns.

He is a big receiver at 6 foot 4 inches and 225 pounds. He will utilize his body and size to shield defenders from the football. He doesn’t have the deep speed but he provides his quarterbacks with a big catch radius that allows him to catch the ball away from his body providing a quarterback like Rodgers a bigger window to get the ball in.

He will not come in and drastically change the look of the offense and this signing should not deter General Manager Brian Gutekunst from drafting a wide receiver either. This a veteran wide receiver with experience who will come in and provide quality depth to a position that is in desperate need of talent. His size will allow him to make an impact in the red zone by providing Rodgers with a big target. I do see him replacing Allison and should be a good situational receiver.

Like I said, Gutekunst should not stop looking for a receiver to draft. The is a depth addition who could make a splash. If Funchess can remain healthy this season and be a contributor, the Packers have added a low-cost 2/3 receiver option who will be a bridge to hopefully the next group of receivers. This is the type of signing that is described as a low risk/high reward situation. If it doesn’t work out, it is not costing the Packers much. If it works out, it is the type of signing that could pay huge dividends.

Anthony Haag is a writer for He has been a Packers fan since the day he was born and truly bleeds green and gold. He makes annual visits to Lambeau Field and has attended his fair share of games. You can follow Anthony on Twitter at @anthony_haag


5 thoughts on “Funchess a quality addition for Packers

  1. Ya, have to agree, TO DISAGREE! Quality doesn’t = the amount of dropped passes this guy leaves on the field. That’s going to go over like a f@rt in church with Rodgers. He’s going to have to be brilliant, or it was a wasted signing..

    1. “He’s going to have to be brilliant, or it was a wasted signing.”

      What a dumb thing to say…..

      1. No, whats dumb, is signing a guy with known problems catching the football, and knowing you have a QB that is a fool me twice shame on my guy who’ll quit throwing to him. Lets see how you feel when he drops a game winner in an important game, or a playoff game that = a loss.

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