As is apparently a staple written into the book for every general manager for the Green Bay Packers, moving all across the board is always in play with every pick that they have in a given year’s draft. But for Brian Gutekunst, his penchant does not follow suit with his predecessors, in how he is way more willing to jump up in a draft rather than always trade back.

Before him, Ted Thompson became the likeliest best to be the first GM to trade down in a draft, many times moving down in the first round or even moving outside of that round altogether. But as has been the case in the first two drafts of Gute’s GM career, he enjoys jumping up instead.

2018 ended up being when GB first moved back in a trade with the Saints, picking up an extra first in the process, and then moved back up with the Seahawks to draft corner Jaire Alexander, which looks to have been a very healthy deal. In 2019, Gute took Rashan Gary at 12, which was their original slot, but also had the Saints first, which they moved up from to select safety Darnell Savage out of Maryland, which has also solidified another back-end element of their defense.

In 2020, with the draft being fully remote do to the ongoing pandemic, Gutekunst and his front office company will need to rely on their intellect and their draft knowledge to take advantage of these adverse situations and come away with a potential stud that will help this team capitalize on its ‘closing’ window of competitiveness.

If they were to move down, here are a few of the likely teams that would easily be interested in a deal.

Green Bay receives: 34 & 122

Indianapolis receives: 30

In a draft that is filled with quarterback talent that not everyone is sold on, the Packers, even with their reported interest in Utah State QB Jordan Love, would be smart to read the room and try and recoup a bit of value by trading with a QB-needy team, which, in this case, is the Indianapolis Colts.

If someone like Love or even Jacob Eason were to be on the top of their radars, then they would want to try and move up to secure that fifth-round option for a QB, and the Packers would be smart to entertain this offer.

In return for moving back four spots, GB would get their hands on another fourth-rounder, which would give them a pick in the fourth round after losing it for signing Adrian Amos.

Picking up an early Day Three pick to move back four spots would permit GB to take another flier on potentially another offensive playmaker, like a solid mid-round pass catcher.

Green Bay receives: 37, 112, and CB/PR Desmond King

Chargers receives: 30

Very similar to the reason that the Colts would move up, the same reasons could be said for the LA Chargers as well, devoid of a long-term solution at QB.

With Phillip Rivers having left to join the Colts this offseason, they are currently going into 2020 with Tyrod Taylor as their best QB, which, in a vacuum, is not a bad idea, but they need to draft and develop a permanent arm.

If they choose to pass on a QB at sixth overall, LA would be smart to check in with the Packers and see if they would want to move back seven slots, add on a fourth and an All-Pro returner in cornerback Desmond King.

King has been rumored to be on the trade block with the Chargers having signed former Broncos CB Chris Harris to be their main slot guy, making King a bit expendable, even though he has shown promise early in his career. While a team can never have too many CBs, the Packers would be smart to look into moving back and adding King, who would not only help address their return game woes, but also solidify their slot depth that had been filled by the ageless wonder, Tramon Williams, who is still a free agent.

Green Bay receives: 39, 141 & 2021 4th

Dolphins receive: 30

The Miami Dolphins currently hold 11 selection in the upcoming draft, with six of those located within the top 70 picks. As bad of a team as the Dolphins have, their draft pick war chest is likely to be used to move around the board a bunch.

For GB to be interested, they should look to both the present and the future in a proposed deal with Miami. Outside of the team’s three first-rounders, the Dolphins’ first second-rounder comes at #39, which would be nine slots back of where GB is supposed to pick.

If Miami would want to move back up into the 1st and make their fourth selection of that opening round, GB would be smart to ask for present and future value. Besides the 39th pick, no. 141 (MIA’s first of three 5th rounders), plus a 2021 4th rounder would be a fair asking price in return.

Moving back nine spots is a huge difference between drafting a stud and drafting a solid starter, so GB should get fair value for any deal if they were interested in moving back with Miami.

As we will soon find out, GB has a superb chance to rue the day at this year’s NFL Draft and make the rest of the league wish that they had as shrewd and poised of a GM as Green Bay does.


Mike Johrendt has been an avid fan of the Packers ever since he can remember. He is now a writer at PackersTalk and you can follow him on Twitter at @MJohrendt23