Another week gone by, another win under our belts. As fun as last week was, the Packers get to do it all over again against the Eagles at home this Sunday.

Philadelphia has lost the last three games in a row and is now 3-7-1, putting them at third in the NFC East, which is already the worst conference in the NFL.

Couldn’t be me.

It seems to be that Philadephia’s biggest problem seems to be their own quarterback, Carson Wentz. Recently, he took ownership which seems to be something that would be obvious, even though I get that this is a team sport. This year alone, Wentz has thrown 15 picks and 10 fumbles. Yikes, dude. Looks like another QB that I know and that we faced last week.

It also doesn’t help that the ones who are supposed to be protecting Wentz are tanking as well, due to injuries and multiple shifts in positions. I get it. The offensive line allowed 6 sacks and 12 QB hits last week ALONE.

The Eagles are getting back Zach Ertz, but the offensive line is a patched-together group and Wentz doesn’t look comfortable or confident playing the game’s most important position.

I know Carson’s body is S C R E A M I N G for help right now. Dude literally suits up just to get absolutely bodied every week.

Aaron Rodgers though… must be protected at all costs.


Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, especially after last week, show that they are a Super Bowl contender after solidifying that they are the best team in the NFC North. The Packers are now 21-6 under Matt LaFleur.

The Packer’s offense last week made a good defensive team look bad, and I expect the same against the Eagles this week.

Green Bay leads the NFL in points per game (31.7) and ranks fourth in total offense (392.2 yards per game).

The Eagles do have a good defensive lineup, and this defense is said to be the best that the Packers will have faced thus far. Watching the Eagles/Seahawks game on Monday night, I can say that I do think this defense could be the one thing that might give the Pack any sort of challenge.

Philly alone has 36 sacks this season along with 83 QB hits. Rodgers has only been sacked on 2.8% of dropbacks in all of 2020.

Overall, the Eagles have seven defensive linemen with at least 10 pressures.

The Eagles listed top cornerback Darius Slay as questionable with a calf injury. He’d likely shadow Packers receiver Davante Adams if he does play.

It’s important to note that last week against the Seahawks, Slay couldn’t keep up with who he was matched up with, DK Metcalf. I can’t imagine him being able to keep up this week as well, given he is cleared to play.

Even if by some weird change of events and Davante Adams is covered too well, our run game will be able to pick up the slack; considering last week, both Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones did a lot of the dirty work on the ground. Adams was just there to add an amazing catch every now and then, with his 500th career (record) catch coming after a touchdown grab.

Records on RECORDS last week. Packers are rolling.

On our side of the ball, the Packer’s defense showed a sign of life last week, specifically Darnell Savage and Preston Smith. This is amazing considering how quiet both of these players have been. And, if Za’Darius Smith is out this week due to an ankle injury, our defense will have to compensate for having him out.

Center Corey Linsley is officially out with a knee injury.

Savage had not one, but TWO interceptions last week, and Preston Smith added a touchdown to his stat line.

Last week was fun. I would like to have that much fun this weekend too.

Overall, the Eagles just don’t have what it takes to even come close to what the Packers have in Green Bay. It’s only a matter of time before they essentially implode. Their defense can’t carry the team on their back for a whole season. I hate to say it.

I said it last week and I’ll say it again.

Packers 37, Eagles 20. If we rack up 40+, next round is on me. Hold me to that.

Forever & Always, GO PACK GO. Cheers. Xo