Kings of the NFC North (Almost)

The Green Bay Packers (9-3) are on the road this weekend to face off against the Detroit Lions (5-7) at Ford Field.

Green Bay holds the same record after 12 games as they did last season, but this season we are in a way better playoff position.

I realize that I continually say “we” when referring to anything the Packers do, as if I’m the one out there playing. If the team can continually play with my emotions then I think I’ve earned the right to refer to anything as a “we” situation. If they take an L, I emotionally take an L as well.

If (when) the Packers beat the Lions in Detroit on Sunday and the Vikings lose to the Buccaneers in Tampa, Green Bay secures its second straight NFC North crown and at least one playoff game at Lambeau Field.

After last Sunday, the Packers now have 800 wins under their belt. They are the first team in the NFL to reach this milestone.

That along with the multiple accomplishments the Packers have been checking off the list the past few weeks, is enough momentum to plow past this mediocre Detroit team.

If we’re being honest, the injuries that the Lions are dealing with right now might make this game even easier. For example, who TF is going to go up against Davante Adams this week if both Detroit cornerbacks Jeff Okudah and Desmond Trufant are out?

Actually, I’m not sure why I even put that question up for discussion because I don’t care. Not my problem.

Kenny Golladay, the Lions’ No. 1 receiver, is also out against the Packers this week. Which means he will have been out in the two games against Green Bay this season. This is another L for Detroit and the game hasn’t even started yet.

In the past, The Packers have faced difficulties when it comes to playing at Ford Field. I’m not doing to sit and dwell in the past, because well, I don’t care. We stay present here. And this season, the Lions are giving up 34.2 points per game at their home field.

^ Need I say more?

Aaron Rodgers and Adams have clearly been nothing but a dynamic duo this season, and the stat sheets show. That goes without much of a debate or discussion needed on the topic. I mean who is going to fight me on the fact that both players are having one of the best seasons of their career? No one.

This week against Detroit will not only been a good game for Adams if the coverage isn’t very prominent, but I think this would be a prime time to let the running backs light up the field.

Last week against the Chicago Bears running backs, Detroit gave up 174 total yards and 3 scores. This screams nothing but an opportunity for Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams to put big numbers on the board.

Back in Week 2 against Detroit, Jones caught four passes for 68 yards and ran 18 times for 168 yards, while Jamaal Williams added 63 rushing yards.

The Packers are a little shorts on tight ends, which most likely means they’ll be pulling someone from the practice squad.

Which doesn’t concern me really, considering the tight end we DO have, Rob Tonyan JR., has proven himself game after game to be the only tight end we really need right now. If we’re being honest.

Packers Safety Darnell Savage was a surprising name to see in this weeks IR. Savage’s injury is a new one. He wasn’t listed on the injury report on Wednesday or Thursday but was added on Friday. I’m curious to see what that means for the game on Sunday. The man has been quiet, but the past few games he’s starting to come out of his shell and you would hate to see an injury knock that momentum.

Savage has had 3 interceptions in the past 2 games. Beautiful ones at that.

While that is only a little bit of a buzzkill, the good news is that cornerback Jaire Alexander and our other safety Kevin King, will be on the field and be able to pick up the slack if Savage does end up sitting out this week.

At the end of the day, what I see here is an above average, ELITE quarterback with a record-breaking team behind him, and an average (at best) quarterback leading yet another mediocre Detroit Lions team. I don’t know. Maybe it’s too soon but a win here shouldn’t be hard.

That being said, with my birthday being Monday, all i ask for as an early gift is a Packers blowout win and a Vikings loss. No, I am not rooting for Tampa. I’m rooting for a Vikings loss. Don’t come at me.

So, cheers to the Packers winning by a landslide, 41-27, and cheers to almost being 24. As always, I’m screaming go pack go. Till the wheels fall off. Lets have a weekend.


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