It’s finally that time… Green Bay against the Tennessee Titans.

A.K.A., Derrick Henry.

A.K.A., the man who throws down grown men like it’s nothing.

Me? Nervous? Do I sound nervous?

You know what, I am nervous. There’s no denying that. I can’t lie to you people either. Doesn’t sit right with my conscience.

Henry is one of the best at what he does, and that’s as clear as day. He’s the NFL’s leading rusher (1,679 yds), and is tied for first in rushing touchdowns (15). He also comes in first on the list of players I have been dreading to watch the Packers go up against this season.

The more effective the Pro-Bowler is, the more effective his QB, Ryan Tannehill becomes. Or is it the other way around? Idk. Tannehill overall has 31 TDs, 5 interceptions, and a 110.4 rating.

The key is to get Henry before he reaches the second level and really gets a head of steam against smaller defenders. Another way to neutralize Henry is through game script by jumping out to a big lead, but even then offensive coordinator Arthur Smith has shown the willingness to stick with the ground game.

Either way, the Packers will need to shut down Henry fast and force Tannehill to use his other options.

The Titans have other very good offensive weapons besides Henry. Wide receivers A.J. Brown and Corey Davis have been doing well this season, with Brown being one of only two Titans Pro-Bowlers, alongside Henry.

I assume that with that being said, Brown will be matched-up with Packers Pro-Bowler, Jaire Alexander, at cornerback. That’ll be fun to watch.

Hypothetically, this forces Tannehill to use yet ANOTHER option, which would be other Titans wide receiver, Corey Davis. I expect that we would see him do a lot more if our defense is able to show up and shut down (or at least contain) Henry and Brown.

I see this as a game that is Derrick Henry vs. Aaron Rodgers.

Pro-Bowl QB Aaron Rodgers has been absolutely outstanding this season, and that’s without any biased feelings on my end. Ask anyone. Ask someone who isn’t a Packers fan. If they say otherwise, they don’t know football so disregard anything they might’ve said and walk away.

Rodgers this season is the first in the NFL with 40 TDs, and a 118.0 rating. The Packers wouldn’t be 11-3 without this man.

Rodgers and the connection he has with yet another Green Bay Pro-Bowler, Davante Adams, is electric. Between the two of them, you can trust that plays will get made in the heat of the moment or when there’s a lot on the line.

Something good to keep in mind is that Green Bay is ranked No.1 when it comes to red zone success.

Guess who is right behind them though?

Yep. Tennessee.

This game is without a doubt, going to be a nail-biter through and through. Rodgers and Adams are not going to be able to do this alone, so (another) Pro-Bowler Aaron Jones and some of our other offensive players are going to have to make plays. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Alongside running back Jones, we would expect to see your girls favorite, Jamaal Williams. But as of recently, he is listed as “doubtful” for tomorrows game against the Titans.


Which means….

^ What he said.

Dillon is a big dude and this might be a great opportunity to see a glimpse of what he will potentially become as a player, especially up against another massive running back that the Titans have in Derrick Henry.

Overall, both Green Bay and Tennessee have some of the best offenses in the NFL; while also BOTH having not-so-great defenses.

Titans pass rush has been a train wreck. From what I’ve read. Those aren’t my words. But I won’t disagree.

Packers defense also isn’t very good, putting up numbers that are a little below average. Granted, we do have (you guessed it, another) Pro-Bowler Za’Darius Smith that has been making more noise lately and is starting to make himself known as the lead of the defense, like he showed last season.

Green Bay has been able to score pretty high on the scoreboard this season, but Tennessee has been scoring slightly higher (on average). They’ve been able to score 30 or more in the last five games.

At the end of the night, what this game is going to come down to is whose defense is better than the other and shows up to Lambeau Field on Sunday night.

So, against speaking hypothetically again, if the Packers defense has a steller performance, that’ll be the extra force that pushes them past the Titans. In other words, securing the bag and securing the NFC’s top spot and home field advantage for playoffs.

I get chills thinking about it.

Pls defense, if you’re reading this, we need you this weekend.

37-34 Packers. Anxiety levels = high.

Fridge = stocked with cold ones.

Cheers to football and the Green Bay Packers.