Jaire Alexander had one of the greatest seasons a cornerback has ever had in a Packers uniform in 2020.

After his spectacular week one performance, opposing offenses got the hint that targeting Alexander was not an advantageous gameplan. However, when push came to shove, opposing offenses had consistent success targeting the other side of the field.

Kevin King has always been a sporadic player. His five interceptions in 2019-2020 was (in my opinion) the catalyst for the defense, and a major element missing from Green Bay’s 2020-2021 defense. Nonetheless, King’s performance in the NFC Championship Game guaranteed his ticket out of town after his contract expires.

So, how do the Packers find Jaire a competent wingman?

Josh Jackson’s career is just one large question mark, but he will most likely be first in line to draw first team reps simply because of experience. No offense to Jackson, but relying on him as a starting CB on a Super Bowl contender is a recipe for disaster.

Green Bay’s cap space issues make addressing any position in free agency a complicated endeavor. So, the Packers will do what they always do and look to the draft for answers.

First-Round Options for Packers

Greg Newsome, Northwestern

Newsome is a big body CB who is capable of playing right away. Newsome is borderline first-round talent, but his NFL-readiness makes him a juicy prospect for the Packers. One concern would be the transition from Big Ten style offenses to NFL schemes.

Tyson Campbell, Georgia

Campbell’s length (6’2) and speed (4.5) give him high upside, but scouts are unanimous in saying he will need ample work to be NFL ready. The Packers need production immediately, but passing on a talent like Campbell at a position of need could be considered a sin to some.

Jaycee Horn, South Carolina

Horn has prototypical size and seems to be the most NFL-ready CB on this list. Horn’s knack for running routes before opposing WRs do shows his advanced understanding of the position and could make him the ideal wingman to Jaire. The only knock on Horn is his lack of big plays.

Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech

Farley is an excellent athlete who started out at WR for the Hokies. After an ACL injury, Farley switched to CB and has flourished when healthy. When healthy, is a huge red flag for a Day-1 draftee. Not to mention, only having played the position for year would make his transition into the NFL that much harder. However, a 6-2 CB who runs a 4.4 could wreck some havoc across from Jaire.


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