Packers Therapy #389: Mason Burns One Down

Packers Therapy Podcast on Packers Talk

Chris and Dave discuss Mason Crosby doing his best to give fans across Wisconsin stress induced heart attacks. In a game that felt reminiscent of a 2012 special teams disaster, they still managed to pull it off in OT.

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Posting its first show in 2005, Packers Therapy is the longest-running Packers podcast on the Internet. Hosts Chris and Dave began the show as a way of capturing the spirited chats the two co-workers had about the team around the office. The two have no pretense about being experts: they are just two opinionated shareholders who love the team, follow it closely, but don’t always see the Packers fortunes eye to eye.

The guys encourage comments and questions via their Twitter feed @PackersTherapy or email to [email protected] and read and respond to as many as they can during each show.

Packers Therapy is a part of the Packers Talk family of podcasts, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow Packers Talk on TwitterFacebook, and subscribe over at iTunes.


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2 thoughts on “Packers Therapy #389: Mason Burns One Down

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