‘I still own you’: 5 times Packers QB Aaron Rodgers owned the Bears

When Packers future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers speaks, the National Football League and its fans listen.

When he yells, the whole world listens.

“I’ve owned you all my f—ing life. I own you. I still own you.”

That’s exactly what Rodgers screamed after scoring the dagger touchdown in the fourth quarter of the Packers 24-14 win over the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on Sunday afternoon.

Rodgers claims he blacked out when he saw an older woman giving him the double birds after the touchdown. Actually, half the stadium was giving him the double birds.

And why wouldn’t they? He’s right, and they know it.

Let’s take a look back at some of the biggest moments where Aaron Rodgers and the Packers owned the Bears.

NFC Championship game – 2011

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t spectacular in this one. But on a cold January day in 2011, he (and BJ Raji) did just enough to earn the win, which sent them to the Super Bowl.

This is one of the best moments in Rodgers’ career. The longest and most storied rivalry in the NFL. The NFC title game win. This was the victory that vaulted the Packers to the only Super Bowl victory of Rodgers’ career at this point. To do it against the Bears makes it that much sweeter.


4th and 8 – 2013

It would be tough to write a better story than this one for Packers fans.

After missing most of November due to a collarbone injury, Rodgers returned to play the Bears at Chicago with the NFC North division title up for grabs. On 4th and 8 with under a minute remaining, the Packers needed to make a play.

Well, you know the rest.

“The Sunday Night Massacre” – 2014

One of the most fun moments of being a Packers fan was in November of 2014 on Sunday Night Football. The Packers torched the Bears in a 55-14 blowout win that would later be dubbed “The Sunday Night Massacre.”

Rodgers, who went on to win his second NFL MVP award later that season, threw six touchdown passes in ONE HALF. It was unreal.

The comeback – 2018

When Rodgers went down with a knee injury in the first half of the season-opener on Sunday Night Football, Bears fans rejoiced. New acquisition Khalil Mack was wreaking havoc and the Bears took a 20-0 midway through the third quarter.

Then, Rodgers returned.

He led one of the greatest second half comebacks, on one bad knee, in the history of the league.

“I still own you” – 2021

Need I say more?


Gunnar Davis is a lifelong Packers fan and a recent graduate of Simpson College, where he was a 3-year letterwinner on the offensive line and graduated with a degree in multimedia communications. You can follow him on Twitter at @Gunnar57Davis.