What once looked like a spectacular matchup of All Pro QBs on Sunday was quickly undone as Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID and will miss his first head-to-head with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. But as the story unfolded, it because clear that Rodgers hasn’t been completely forthright in his decision to go unvaccinated, and the impact may stretch beyond just this game for both Aaron and the Packers organization.

It’s four quarters of Packers football with CD, Jersey Al, and Kelly on Cheesehead Radio!

First Quarter:  The Packers beat the undefeated Cardinals on the road
Second Quarter: But they’ll be without Aaron Rodgers as they head to Kansas City
Third Quarter: The fallout from COVIDgate might be more than just bad vibes
Fourth Quarter:  But the Packers return some old faces to help against the Chiefs
Overtime: Packers/ChiefsGame Predictions

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