Being thankful for the 2022 Packers is much harder this year than it has been over the past three years. This year has not been the best in regards to all aspects for the Green Bay Packers, and our win/loss record shows. Keeping to the Thanksgiving holiday, what are some things that I’m thankful for this season concerning the Green Bay Packers?

Thankful for #1: Storied History

The Packers are still the thirteen-time world champion Green Bay Packers. Nobody can ever take away the great history of the Packers. From the first meetings in August of 1919 at the Green Bay Press Gazette to the most recent loss to the Titans, the Packers are still the Green Bay Packers. And I will always be a fan of my team. Thank goodness they aren’t the championship-less Minnesota Vikings.

Thankful for #2: Aaron Jones

I’m thankful for Aaron Jones. The Packers this season have been lackluster when it comes to big time playmakers other than Aaron Jones. If Aaron Jones gets touches, the Packers are always more likely to win. Aaron Jones already has over 1000 scrimmage yards on the season with six games still remaining. Jones is averaging 5.4 yards per carry leading to a rushing yardage total of 778 yards on the ground. Aaron Jones has done this with only 143 rush attempts. He has also caught the ball forty times for a total of 248 receiving yards. This is an average of 6.2 yards per reception.

Thank you, Aaron Jones! I would be even more thankful if the Packers could find a way to get you the ball more often!

Thankful for #3: Wide Receivers

I’m thankful for the future of the Packers at wide receiver. The Packers will still need more help at the position going into next season with the assumed loss of a few of the veterans at the position. But with the talent and upside of Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, and even Samori Toure, the Packers wide receiver group looks great.

Thank you, Christian Watson! Thank you for staying healthy the past two games and showing the world (and yourself) that you have all of the capabilities in the world to be successful in the league.

Thank you, Romeo Doubs! Thank you for the quiet confidence you showed at the beginning of the season and the growth you have demonstrated since training camp. Please continue to heal well.

Thank you, Samori Toure! Thank you for showing up when no one else would against the Bills and actually finding the breakdown in the Bills’ defensive coverage for a touchdown. It showed us all that you have the ability and intelligence to be great! You give us all hope for the future!

Thankful for #4: Defense

I’m thankful for the future of the Green Bay Packers defense. The Packers defense has played well regardless of the terrible calls that they have been given throughout the season. They have played well despite the amount of times the offense has put them into horrible positions. The defense has fallen apart at the worst possible times throughout the season but it hasn’t always been their fault. The defense has shown that maybe, with some good coaching, it still has a chance to be great. Although there will be some changes going into next season.

Thank you, Rashan Gary! I know you are out for the rest of the season but I’m still thankful for the effort you have demonstrated through this season and truly being our only good pass rusher.

Thank you, Preston Smith! You have showed great leadership this season and have set the edge well this season against the run, despite the leaks against the run on the rest of the defensive line.

Thank you, Jaire Alexander! You aren’t always used to your greatest potential in this version of the Packers defense but your confidence, leadership, and ability as a corner is truly inspiring to watch.

Thankful for #5: Aaron Rodgers

I’m thankful for Aaron Rodgers. He hasn’t had the best season, but we as fans of the Packers have been blessed with watching him play quarterback over the years. It’s still great to watch him go out and compete. Rodgers is probably one of the best throwers of the football in NFL history and we Packers fans have taken it for granted. Yes, this season has been very frustrating to watch. But he is still Aaron Rodgers and one day he won’t be the quarterback for the Packers anymore. Be thankful for the opportunity we have to watch him to continue to play for the Packers for now, while we have him. Any game could be his last for Green Bay.

Thank you, Aaron Rodgers, for the past 18 years! Go bring us one more miracle.


Damon is a diehard, fully-immersed cheesehead who currently lives in southern Missouri. He teaches at a local high school and has a family YouTube channel about all things Packers. You can follow him on twitter at @packersfamily and on YouTube at The Packers Family.