The sentiment appears to be consistent throughout Green Bay, the Packers will not be rolling over. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers before last week was the first one to indicate that he envisions the Packers winning out the remaining five games. Now, general manager Brian Gutekunst has followed suit by saying, “winning is a culture thing” and that he doesn’t see his team going on the field “without the intention of winning.” With four games to go this season, what does the possibility of a Packers post-bye run look like?

Week 15 vs Los Angeles Rams

The Packers will come out of the bye week with a Monday Night Football date against the Rams at Lambeau. The long overdue bye has finally arrived and will assist Green Bay in getting a little bit healthier before the tail-end of the season. The huge boost for Green Bay will be the expected return of wide receiver Romeo Doubs in this game. With the explosion of Christian Watson in the last four weeks, people have seemingly overlooked the start Doubs had to his rookie season. 

The Packers will likely be preparing to face off against quarterback Baker Mayfield, who was claimed by the Rams earlier this week. The former number-one overall pick faced Green Bay last December where he was intercepted four times during a 24-22 loss to the Packers. 

The Rams roster as a whole is a shell of its former self coming off of a Super Bowl victory. If Green Bay plays anywhere close to competent football, this should be an easy first game back.

Week 16 at Miami Dolphins

This appears to be the biggest challenge remaining on the Packers’ schedule. Everything that the Miami Dolphins have done successfully this season is what the Packers have struggled against the most. For a team who has struggled to tackle all season long, facing off against Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Raheem Mostert, and Jeff Wilson Jr. will be a nightmare. Packers fans can still remember the gut-wrenching 220-yard rushing game Mostert had during the 2020 NFC Championship Game.


Looking at this game from a head-to-head matchup standpoint, this will likely be where the road ends for the Packers’ season. Green Bay has notoriously struggled in the state of Florida and the team has struggled on the road this season. 

Pulling off this win would have to occur in a shootout with multiple miracles occurring throughout. We’ve seen the Packers’ defense battle through similar styles of offense before but this game will ask for a lot out of the current squad. 

Week 17 vs Minnesota Vikings

A week one rematch for the Green Bay Packers who fell 23-7 in the season opener. It’s been heavily documented from the Packers’ side that countless mistakes were the root cause of the disappointing loss. Three months later, it’s clear that the Minnesota Vikings were just the better team. 

The best-case scenario for the Packers in this game will be the situation of timing. If the Philadelphia Eagles continue to stay hot throughout Week 16 and the Vikings stumble in just one of its games, the Eagles have the potential to lock the Vikings out of the number one seed.

This would mean that the Vikings could be in rest-for-the-playoffs mode going into this game. Even if the Vikings weren’t in a position to rest the starters, I’m still excited to see how this game plays out a second time.

Week 18 vs Detroit Lions

This game seemingly will be for all of the marbles. The way the season could shake out, this game could potentially decide the number seven seed in the NFC playoffs. The Detroit Lions have just as much of a shot, actually an even better shot, to potentially sneak into the playoffs compared to the Packers.

This matchup will be another division revenge game for the Packers who fell 15-9, in what is considered to be the worst Packers performance of the season, in November. In a game where Rodgers threw three interceptions and led the team with 40 rushing yards, nothing seemed to go the Packers’ way. 

Daniel Mears, Detroit News

However, the Packers outplayed the Lions in every aspect of the game outside of the three costly interceptions, two of which occurred inside the red zone. In a game to decide a potential playoff berth, this rematch could become an all-timer in the Packers/Lions rivalry.

There is still a long way to go this season in such a short amount of time for the Packers. While this piece is filled with a lot of what-ifs and hypotheticals, I consider myself one of the optimistic Packers fans. If there is still a chance, there’s still a chance. That being said, winning every game on this list doesn’t guarantee the Packers a playoff spot. There’s still outside help needed which makes the ending of this season an interesting one to watch as it shapes out.


Kole Noble is a lifelong Packers fan currently living in North Carolina and is a huge NFL Draft nut. You can follow him on twitter at @SlawSportsShow.