The Packers (5-8) currently have about a 2% chance to make the playoffs, according to Football Outsiders. They would very likely need to run the table against the Rams, Dolphins, Vikings and Lions and receive a lot of help along the way to get there. While the possibility of a post-bye run isn’t impossible, it’s unlikely to happen with the disappointing 2022 Packers. With that said, today we’ll take a quick look at the Packers 2023 opponents and where those matchups will take place.









NFC West Opponent (TBD)

Outside of the usual divisional suspects, the Packers will welcome the Saints and Buccaneers from the NFC South to Lambeau Field. If Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady return to their respective teams, it would be the 6th Rodgers vs Brady matchup and 4th one in the last 3 seasons (2 in 2020, 1 in 2022). The Saints would make their first appearance in Lambeau Field since 2017.

From the AFC West, the Packers will host the Chiefs and Chargers. Both teams will make their first trip back to Green Bay since 2015. The Packers beat an Alex Smith led team on Monday Night Football that included 5 touchdown passes from Aaron Rodgers. Next year, it’ll be Patrick Mahomes debut at Lambeau Field, which has a great chance at being a primetime game.

The NFC West opponent is still to be determined. The Packers are currently in 3rd place in the NFC North, so if that held true, they would play the 3rd place team in the NFC West, which is currently the Arizona Cardinals.









NFC East Opponent (TBD)

AFC North Opponent (TBD)

The Packers will travel to Atlanta and Carolina in the NFC South, making their first appearances in those cities since 2017. In the AFC West, they make trips to Las Vegas and Denver. It’ll be the first time in Packers History that they’ll play the Raiders in Las Vegas.

The NFC East and AFC North Opponents are still to be determined. Like the scenario already mentioned where the Packers would play the Cardinals in the NFC West, the Packers would play the 3rd place team in the NFC East and AFC North, if the standings hold true. Currently, those two opponents would equal trips to Landover, Maryland to play the Commanders and Cleveland to take on the Browns.


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