We all know that the entire New York Jets brain trust flew to California yesterday to visit with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The question is, how serious of a visit was this?

Some people are convinced that this may as well be a done deal, and some reports back that up by implying the Packers front office hopes the star QB wants to leave. Alternatively, there are reports that imply this is just due diligence on the side of Rodgers. Ultimately what I’m saying here is; there is almost nothing new or conclusive to report on.

What New Information is Known?

It has been well-known that the Jets would be one of the most aggressive teams in pursuing Rodgers. We have also known that Rodgers wants to fully weigh his options before making any concrete decisions. It has also been well-known that the Packers are fairly likely to accommodate any decision Aaron Rodgers ends up making. With all of this being said, it seems like a meeting between Rodgers and the Jets is a step in the natural progression of this situation. It wouldn’t be surprising if the QB also met with the Raiders before the start of free agency.

It’s no secret that the Jets front office and personnel want Aaron Rodgers in the building. Players like Sauce Gardener and Breece Hall have gone as far as specifically tweeting it. It’s also worth noting that the Jets feel like they are a QB away from seriously competing after a season where their skill position players looked up to standard despite an unfortunate QB carousel. Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh also stated that they were interested in acquiring a veteran quarterback, although we are now sure of this, since they wouldn’t be flying to California to meet with Rodgers if this weren’t the case.

Tweet from Jets Star Rookie CB Sauce Gardener regarding QB Aaron Rodgers

Ultimately we are going to have to wait about a week before anything significant happens regarding the Aaron Rodgers situation. The only new information we know about his decision now is that Rodgers is willing to hear the Jets out, and that the Jets are definitely interested in acquiring him. Frankly, neither of these pieces of information is particularly groundbreaking.

When Will We Know More?

We will see what happens with Rodgers in due time, but if I was a betting man I would say he is going to be traded, and possibly even to the Jets. Ultimately it’s probably closer than we all think. Since this situation is apparently coming down to what Rodgers wants, it is not that hard to imagine any possible outcome being likely. Whether it’s staying a Packer, retiring, or playing for the New York Jets, we won’t know until Rodgers does, and it doesn’t seem like he is 100 percent decided as of yet. Luckily it doesn’t feel like a decision is too far away either.


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